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  1. denholrl

    Special rack needs

    I just started a sub-collection of Peterson's System pipe. The first one came today, a 302. Problem: because of the flared mouthpiece it won't fit on any of my racks, either with the circle for the stem or the slot for the stem. The flare is just at the wrong point and blocks the stem from...
  2. denholrl

    Ride Share - Chicago Show

    Are you interested in sharing a ride from O'Hare Airport to the Chicago Show? I'm arriving at O'Hare @ 6:30 PM, Thursday, May 3rd. If you want to share transportation expenses, please contact me:, 845-489-7242. Thanks, Rob
  3. denholrl

    Sassiness mouthpiece

    Thanks for the pointers on posting images. I think I've got it, now. So, the issue is the mouthpiece on the Sasieni pictured below. I just won it from Gabriella Harvell (bellasesales) . It's a beautiful, tight grained FOUR-DOT NATURAL 'Buckingham' and arrived perfectly cleaning ready to...
  4. denholrl


    I would rather see fissures than fills. I collected Ed Burak's [i]Connoisseur[i] pipes for a lot of years. He never filled fissures or sand pits. I agree with his point of view that these elements are part of the natural wood and should not be disguised. (He also never stained his pipes.) Rob D
  5. denholrl

    Chelsea - Made in France

    I'm wondering if anyone has information about a mark, "Chelsea," stamped on a "Made in France" billiard I just picked up. The stem has four drilled holes in a diamond pattern; the inserts have fallen out. The pattern is roughly Sasieni, but has been sloppily done; the triangle is irregular so...
  6. denholrl

    Passing a pipe cleaner

    Fred Hanna has suggested that most of the moisture that produces the gurgle collects at the tenon-mortise juncture, not at the bottom of the bowl. He suggests that we may be over-emphasizing the importance of being able to pass a pipe cleaner all the way from button to bowl. After paying...
  7. denholrl

    Ehrlich's Broken Flake

    The old Ehrlich's in Boston sold a blend they called Broken Flake. I have a little left. I think it is a McClelland blend. Does anyone know which blend it was. It's a terrific Virginia and I'd like to get some in bulk if it was, indeed, a McClellan. RobD
  8. denholrl

    Some thoughts about Jobey . . .

    Some thoughts about Jobey . . . Two years ago, I saw a beautifully blasted Jobey billiard. So, for $20 I took a chance. As it turns out . . . A great smoker. So, I thought maybe I'd do a Jobey sub-collection . . . various shapes. I went back to eBay and bought two more blasted Jobeys and they...
  9. denholrl

    User name and avatar

    How can I change my user name? How can I post an Avatar? Thanks, Rob Denholtz
  10. denholrl

    Samuel Gawith

    I was in the UK a couple of months ago and was going to pass through Kendal, in the Lake District.  Kendal is home to Samuel Gawith, so I called to see if I could get a tour of the factory.  I spoke with a friendly fellow who regretted having to turn me down.  It seems that they are a BONDED...
  11. denholrl


    Hi all, I've been a BoB for a while, but haven't posted, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I live in Carpinteria, California in Santa Barbara Co. On a good day, we have about 4 pipe smokers here and some laws against smoking in public. But, this few of us are keeping the faith and meet...