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  1. ontariopiper

    Any Castello fans here?

    I have just finished refurbishing five estate Castello pipes. They have been reamed, cleaned and sanitized and are looking for a new home. PM if interested. 1.  Castello Natural Vergin G 65 Bent Billiard. Asking $250USD 2. Castello Old Antiquari KKKK Saddle Billiard with rare Fumee finish...
  2. ontariopiper

    When did the Danish pipe boom start in North America?

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone has the answer to this question. I'm trying to narrow down the dates for the Danish pipe craze in the US and Canada as part of the research for the book I'm working on about Brigham pipes. All the sources I can find on Pipedia etc just say "the 1960s" - was that...
  3. ontariopiper

    NOS Brigham 4-Dot Churchwarden

    My most recent addition to the pipe cabinet, this Unsmoked, New Old Stock Brigham 432 Churchwarden circa 1960s or early 1970s. Makes a good partner to the 1940's Brigham 114 CW I found several years ago. :D
  4. ontariopiper

    Brigham Shape Chart v2.0

    Hey all, After almost a year, I've finally published Version 2.0 of my Official Unofficial Brigham Shape Chart! It's "officially unofficial" as there is no master list of pipe shapes available from Brigham. I've compiled the chart by cataloging and photographing my own vintage (pre-2001)...
  5. ontariopiper

    Earls Court pipes

    HI folks, I'm working on an estate pipe restoration and I'm trying to figure out what I've got here. The pipe is stamped "EARLS COURT" over "LONDON MADE" on the left flank and "LONDON ENGLAND" on the right. Coming up empty on both and Pipephil,eu, and Google searches return a...
  6. ontariopiper

    Wally Frank Ltd

    Hi all, I've just finished restoring an interesting old Wally Frank Ltd pipe that is, as far as I can tell, a clone of Butz-Choquin's Origine pipe. Apart from the use of briar as a shank extension instead of albatross bone (or acrylic in the reissued BC A Metz Origine pipes), the WF is an...
  7. ontariopiper

    First time fitting an Army Mount stem

    Thought I'd share this here for everyone that likes to restore/repair their own pipes. I had been avoiding this job for a while in order to get my nerve up :D  I had one shot to get this right, so I worked slowly and carefully to carve down an oversized P-lip stem to fit a Peterson Irish Made...
  8. ontariopiper

    Reviving a 90's Brigham 536 Bent Brandy

    Thought I'd show my latest restoration here - a rather chunky 1990's era Brigham 536 quarter-bent Brandy. The shape is new to me, and will be added to my ongoing Brigham Shape Chart project at the next update. Before: After: Also, for those interested, the Brigham Shape Chart can...
  9. ontariopiper

    Finally moved in! Time to get organized.

    Hi all, After a week of virtual homelessness we're finally moved into our new home and are busy emptying boxes and finding places for things. Got the chance this morning to unpack and start organizing my pipes! My office inherited a glass-fronted cabinet we decided not to use in the living...
  10. ontariopiper

    "Stuck" with one blend for a month

    We're pulling stakes and moving to a new town later this month, which means 99% of my pipes and baccy are boxed up for the move. I've kept a briar and a cob on hand and just one jar of tobacco, Kramer's Blend for Carey Grant. I usually have several blends on the go at any one time, so my...
  11. ontariopiper

    Preparing for a Move

    Hi folks, We've sold our house and will soon (mid-August) be moving to a new-built home in a new town. I've started packing up the man cave and am wondering if anyone's got any tips for packing the baccy cellar? I've got most of it in mason jars with a few dozen sealed tins.
  12. ontariopiper

    The death of Real antique fairs

    Just here to do a bit of grumbling today. There is a semi-annual antique fair locally at which I have historically had great success finding good quality estate pipes - Peterson, Comoy's, high-end Brigham etc - but the well seems to have dried up. Where once there were multiple stands offering...
  13. ontariopiper

    J.H Lowe website woes??

    Is anyone else having issues accessing the JH LOwe website? ( The home page produces an error message whenever I try to get on. I've manages to find individual pages but the internal links often crap out on me as well. I'm fairly sure Tim West is aware of the problems with his...
  14. ontariopiper

    Brigham System to be used in Nording Pipes

    Caught this announcement on Facebook and thought I'd share. I really like the Brigham System. It's far and away the best "filter" system I've ever tried, and installing it in Nording pipes is very exciting! Hope the prices are reasonable, as I'm going to be forced to buy at least one.... :D :D
  15. ontariopiper

    Where to source new Kaywoodie fitments?

    As the title says, I'm looking to see if replacement aluminum Kaywoodie fitments are available anywhere? I'm working on a pair of Super Grain pipes. The tenons had both seized in the shank fitting and broken off the stem. The shank fitments both disintegrated when I tried to unscrew them from...
  16. ontariopiper

    Great Pipe Cameo in Otherwise Terrible Film

    SO I watched the latest (last??) Transformers movie last week. Horrible film, cannot bash it enough as a movie. No plot, useless ancillary characters, trite one-liners, awful editing - in short, everything Michael Bay is known for. The one, single, shining moment in the entire mess is a short...
  17. ontariopiper

    eBay account hack

    Found myself in an interesting position today. I picked up a mystery parcel at the post office. Turns out it contained a pipe from an eBay seller. Only problem was I hadn't bid, won or paid for this item! :confused: :confused: The parcel and enclosed packing slip had my full name and address...
  18. ontariopiper

    GL Pease Temple Bar - yummy!

    Was gifted a tin of GL Pease Temple Bar, which I cracked open today. It's a mix of red and light VA's, Orientals and Perique. I haven't had much luck with VaPers, so I wasn't sure what to expect with this one, but I really enjoyed it! It's Virginia-forward, which shouldn't shock anyone, so...
  19. ontariopiper

    Are We Done Yet?

    2017 cannot end soon enough for me! My 16-yr-old daughter had to take me to the ER on Friday morning for what turned out to be the third bout of pericarditis since the end of May. Sigh. For those unfamiliar, pericarditis is an inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart and it is NOT...
  20. ontariopiper

    Can Anyone Identify this Hallmark?

    Hi folks, I'm trying to identify the hallmark on a Sterling shank band. I've got 2 out of 3 but the last one is a stumper. The first two, an Anchor and Lion, stand for Birmingham, England and Sterling silver, respectively. The third hallmark, which I read as an Orb in a Laurel wreath...