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    Central Coast (CA) Pipe Club

    The next meeting of the Central Coast Pipe Club will be on Tuesday, June 14th, 5:30 PM at Empire Cigars in Santa Barbara. For more information, contact Rob Denholtz 805-684-4060 or Can somebody tell me how to change the email address in my profile? I've tried, but have...
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    Three new pieces added to my collection

    Nice pipes. But, what really impressed me is your photography. Would you care to share information on your technique? Is it something you're doing with the camera or is it in the processing? I'd love to try it myself. Connman
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    Central Coast (California) Pipe Club

    I am presently the only member of this (wannabe) club. I left NY four months ago and have seen only three other pipe smokers during my cross-country trip and sojourn in Carpinteria! This is outrageous. Surely you're out there somewhere. If you live in the Santa Barbara area and would like to...
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    New York Pipe Show April 5th 2008

    Hey Dock, Just back from the Chicago show. A few of your Sherlock guys were there. Enjoyed seeing them again, as well as some buddies from the HVPC. That pipe that Stewie is smoking . . . it looks like the one that Bo Nordh called his favorite. Is that an accident or an on-purpose...