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    Your PA mixes?

    Like me, many who smoke PA like to mix it with other tobaccos. One of my favorites is 2 parts PA to 1 part GH dark birdseye. Tangy flavor and a nic boost. What are yours?
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    Peretti's 333 is excellent. Another is their BPC (Burley Plug Cut). They're almost identical, but I think the BPC is a little sweeter.
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    Just watch it

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    Happy Birthday Puff Daddy

    Happy birthday PD, and I hope that shoulder's coming along. 45 eh? As I remember, I could do just about anything back then..........or was it 54? Enjoy!
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    Question: how to remove latakia ghosting

    The gents have it well covered above, and I agree that smoking will be the cure in time. If the pipe had been cased with a heavy aromatic, that's another story. For future reference, you might want to read this: For now, just fire it up with...
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    My Third Grandchild arrives into this world

    Congrats K1, she's a beauty. My fourth arrived a bit over a year ago, so I can imagine how much you're enjoying the moments...........
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    Entertaining reading

    For those who may not know, Marty at posts some enjoyable opinions/stories/etc. on his web page. I just visited the site and really enjoyed his latest post - very entertaining. No affiliation.
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    Trout Bum has BIG news!

    Congrats - there's nothing better in life than watching the little ones grow up and helping them along the way.
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    What are you smoking?

    Hey PD - Hope the shoulder's coming around after the first surgery and that this one works out well for you. I noticed the BPC - glad I'm among those who enjoy Peretti's blends. I drop by there when up in Boston - about an hour north of me. Given the inspiration, I think I'll fire up some...
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    same pipe , different tobacco

    I group my pipes to the type of tobacco. Roughly speaking, one group for virginias and another for English/Balkan. Within each group, I have certain pipes dedicated to certain tobaccos to keep the flavors intact. Of course, then there's the good ol' cobs - great for trying new tobaccos (no...
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    Brothers: What's Your Favorite Aged Flake?

    Add another vote for FVF - I buy it by the pound and put it in 8 oz. jars. I've got about five pounds in the cellar at the moment, and will soon add more.
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    Straight Grain or Cross Cut? Does Grain Matter?

    Agreed - no matter. I've got a Pete Aran with lackluster grain (to say the least). It's one of my best smokers.
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    What's your weather like today?

    Cloudy and about 15. Down to around 2 tonight.
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    For food adventurers

    Great post LL - I haven't enjoyed the dish in quite a few years. I'll give your recipe a try. It sounds delicious.
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    Greetings and Salutations from Lancashire

    Welcome aboard - from New England. :pipe:
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    S-CHIP legislation

    The tobacco tax climate in this country is very disturbing. In case you haven't heard, Congress is moving to pass the so-called S-CHIP legislation and Obama has said he'll sign it. This bill would provide education dollars for kids' programs by taxing primarily cigarettes (61 cents per pack)...
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    The Dark Side!!

    Thanks for the HI behindbars1544. Newport is a great place to live, and boating on Narragansett Bay in the spring, summer and fall makes winter tolerable. Of course, the next few days we'll be lucky to have high temps above 15 degrees, so tolerance will be stretched........... I agree with...
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    The Dark Side!!

    I'm not much for the aros, but, having said that, I occasionally visit SG's Kendal Cream Flake. I wouldn't put this in the category of a 1Q, but I consider it an aro of sorts. A good smoke nonetheless. My 2 cents....... :pipe:
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    What are you smoking?

    Will soon be firing up some Penzance in a Pete System 312 for the ride home from work. Hookahs??!! - reminds me of my MUCH younger days.............. :pipe:
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    Jeremiah Edwards

    Welcome Jeremiah - lots of info, opinions and entertainment here for all of us BoBs to enjoy. Looking forward to your contributions..............