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  1. somedumbjerk

    New Job!

    So my old job started declining rapidly. after putting in six years, it was time to go. the company started to push me out, and i followed up on an oppurtunity to start a new field, with one of the hottest companies around: it was my first week at Tesla Motors this week! i'm really excited to...
  2. somedumbjerk

    i got a new "ye olde piperack"

    been gone for a while. had some life issues to sort out. career change, blah blah blah. time to stop neglecting the fine brothers and sisters of the briar. i got a pipe rack! actually two but i'm only keeping one. a gentleman who was an avid collector of rediculously high grade pipes passed...
  3. somedumbjerk

    the shadow strikes!!!!

    must be my punishment for being to quiet ont he board lately! got hit by the shadow! a tin of EMP and a 100g tin of Frog Morton! Thanks you scurvy devil!
  4. somedumbjerk

    Peninsula Pipe Club Sunday Jan 4th (bay area CA)

    where: Edwards Pipes and Tobacco 4546 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA what: well, a pipe club meeting. bring a pipe, some tobacco to share, and a chair! (no alcohol, sorry) when: Dec 1st from 2 - 5pm price: FREE! whoo hoo! break in the new year properly this Sunday at Edwards!
  5. somedumbjerk

    growley ramses from my wedding

    pictures are starting to trickle in from my wedding. here are two great detail shots of my gorgeous Growley
  6. somedumbjerk

    Great idea for keeping track of smokes

    i started a cigar journal on advice from a friend of mine. he has one of the "33 Cigars" books. it's great, and it fits in your pocket, but i wanted some improvement. i wanted to be able to revisit and see how my tastes change or how the cigar changes with age. i took a simple notebook, and the...
  7. somedumbjerk

    last night's smoke

    Gurkha Shaggy Lancero paired with a nice rye. i really liked this cigar. tons of flavor, good burn, about a two hour smoke! the flavor changed throughout the smoke. lots of pepper, to little pepper, back to peppery at the end. the nicotine level was great, lots of smoke with a good mouthfeel.
  8. somedumbjerk

    Liga Privada no 9 robusto

    i really enjoyed this cigar. had one in san jose on Saturday. great burn, great taste, nice strength. i think i'll pick up a box of these at some point. the flavor profile was really complex and seemed to change multiple times throughout the smoke. i highly recommend it if you can find one. not...
  9. somedumbjerk

    Peninsula Pipe Club Sunday Dec 1st (bay area CA)

    where: Edwards Pipes and Tobacco 4546 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA what: well, a pipe club meeting. bring a pipe, some tobacco to share, and a chair! (no alcohol, sorry) when: Dec 1st from 2 - 5pm price: FREE! whoo hoo! it's a great meeting with lots of amazing pipes for sale and tobaccos...
  10. somedumbjerk

    Drew Estate Java Maduro

    Picked this cigar up yesterday on a whim from the pipe shop I hang out in. I'm not much into flavored cigars, but I've heard good things about this one. I hear it's in conjunction with rocky Patel. Didn't wat it in my humidor so I put it in my ammo can with a pop up sponge sprayed with distilled...
  11. somedumbjerk

    a gift from the brothers of another leaf :) (flake prep)

    mejoshee got me to try this. it works pretty well. i figured i'd document it for anyone who wants to try it out! so this is something from those who enjoy a more controversial leaf... - the grinder it was...
  12. somedumbjerk


    so i made a tupperdor. made isn't really fair... i bought a container and put stuff in it. looking online on how to do it left me a little aggravated. i was looking for a cooler originally, and my wife was all like "oh hell no" so i went the tupperdor route. i was in the process of organizing my...
  13. somedumbjerk

    taking the plunge

    New to cigars, and as per normal with me, I went both feet forward from the get. I’ve been smoking pipes pretty regularly for a few years.  In fact, I got into pipes because initially I thought cigars had too much nicotine for me to enjoy. Not sure if my tolerance went up, or if I’m just better...
  14. somedumbjerk

    Today is a big day

    Well folks, I'm having my morning pipe. It's Hyde park in a radice aero 55, I know you would be interested. Today I get married. My family from all over is here, my new family from all over is here, friends here, so I guess it's a big deal :) I'm very excited, nervous, thankful, and still...
  15. somedumbjerk

    Radice aero 55

    So I made a dumb financial decision and got a Radice aero 55 from Luca. I had to. I've been wanting the Radice 55 since I've seen it, and wanted to try an aero for a while too. I'm smoking my second bowl right now. It's doing a really good job, and I'll buy a few more. It's hard to judge a pipe...
  16. somedumbjerk

    flash review thread

    okay, i love long, intricate tobacco reviews as much as the next person. but sometimes i want a quick summary on what i'm going to smoke. i propose a systematic quick review thread. broken down: blend (house) (name of blend) (bulk or tinned) (age {if applicable}) appearance/smell: (one...
  17. somedumbjerk

    so i smoked some drucquers

    so today i had the honor of smoking some Drucquers the devils own from 1992. man... it was... great. i wish i had the articulation of the palate that some others (kyle, etc) on this forum. it started it's life as a virginia blend with a hint of latakia. when the tin was opened, it smelled like...
  18. somedumbjerk

    Cobfoolery (aka, pimp my cob)

    you guys seen this? stumbled on it and ordered a couple kits. might be too late for me to get anything good entered but i think it's a great idea. and the kits: no affiliation, blah blah blah. i'll...
  19. somedumbjerk

    Royal Yuck

    actually, it's royal yum. i really like this stuff so far. it nips at me if i get too aggressive, but the flavor and strength are just what i've been loving lately. it's pretty sweet, has a sort of fruit thing going on that i can't pinpoint. similar to UF, but a little on the lighter side of the...
  20. somedumbjerk

    what a week

    what a week brothers. friday (a week from yesterday) i get a call telling e i'm getting demoted back into my old position. two days ago, i get a call that my brother who narrow escaped jail a few months ago, decided to steal my moms car and crashed it AGAIN. now he will be in jail for probably a...