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    Your PA mixes?

    Like me, many who smoke PA like to mix it with other tobaccos. One of my favorites is 2 parts PA to 1 part GH dark birdseye. Tangy flavor and a nic boost. What are yours?
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    Entertaining reading

    For those who may not know, Marty at posts some enjoyable opinions/stories/etc. on his web page. I just visited the site and really enjoyed his latest post - very entertaining. No affiliation.
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    S-CHIP legislation

    The tobacco tax climate in this country is very disturbing. In case you haven't heard, Congress is moving to pass the so-called S-CHIP legislation and Obama has said he'll sign it. This bill would provide education dollars for kids' programs by taxing primarily cigarettes (61 cents per pack)...
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    Nightcap vs Westminster vs Penzance

    Gentlemen Dunhill's Nightcap GL Pease's Westminster Esoterica's Penzance Would you compare & contrast these three blends please? Thanks