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  1. peanubutter

    Keto Foods and Pipe Tobacco

    I started a keto food program and the focus is on low carbs, moderate protein and high fat. I am attempting to cut sugar as well and was wondering about the casing and topping used. Has anyone tried the keto program and did smoking kick you out of ketosis? Probably won't but... The start of...
  2. peanubutter

    New To Me Oldenkott Estate Pipe

    Oldenkott Rubin from the late 1970's era.
  3. peanubutter

    And in Today's News - Let Them Smoke

    I'm not sure how many have read this article in the news. But I got a chuckle out of it.
  4. peanubutter

    Christopher Lee Video

    The video covers a number of different aspects of his life that I was never aware of. An amazing life.
  5. peanubutter

    Purple Cow Blend

    Placed an order for C&D Purple Cow to try. Most of the reviews for it are from 2008-2014 and I am wondering if the Purple Cow is still the same for the most part. I don't hear much about this blend so I took a chance...okay, I was intrigued by the art on the can, too.
  6. peanubutter

    New Puppy

    We had to get a new member of the pack since putting are 14 year old golden retriever down in January. Our terrier was bummed, the wife was sad and moody. So a 12 week old retriever puppy has been the spark needed in the house. He is already potty \ dog door trained and has the basic commands...
  7. peanubutter

    PAD & TAD for February

    On the PAD side I just purchased an Eric Nording semi-church warden and an estate Comoy's pebble grain (337) unsmoked. On the TAD Peter Stokkebye luxury bulleseye flake, 2 oz. Esoterica Penzance 2 oz. tin (over priced but had to get one) Two Escudo navy 50 g tins
  8. peanubutter

    Marvin Gaye's Unreleased Album 'You're The Man'

    Marvin Gaye's Unreleased Album 'You're The Man' To See The Light Of Day [url=] This sounds like an interesting album to get. And I had to try my hand at using the link button.
  9. peanubutter

    Traveling To Concerts

    Back in 2011 I won tickets to see the Big 4 in California and drove from Wyoming to Indio to see Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, and Slayer. The largest crowd and distance I have traveled for a concert. And a trip to see Barry Manilow in Glendale, Arizona with the wife which turned out to be a...
  10. peanubutter

    Hello From Wyoming

    The site looks inviting and decided to join and learn more about the pipes and tobaccos. I am a part time cigar and pipe smoker and partake of the leaf a few times a week. I reside in Cheyenne for those who may be wondering.