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  1. Ron

    *Open Plea For Support of The NASPC !!!!!!!!

    Probably not the place to post this, but wanted to say that I just ordered a can of Walnut. I was at the show and wanted to buy some Maltese Falcon but everyone was out. I went online and ordered that and a couple of other baccies and it said if my order was +$100 then shipping is...
  2. Ron

    My New Baki Meer

    That's really nice. Considerably more subtle than this pipe from the same seller.
  3. Ron

    Opinions Wanted;Effect of the Weak Dollar on Collecting

    I've heard that Asia and Russia are picking up a lot of the slack being caused by our backing off from the imports. The strong Euro ($1.59!!!) is hurting a lot of Europe's imports to the US. Chicago is a huge show so I doubt it will have too much impact on seeing less foreign makers in...
  4. Ron

    wish list for chicago pipe show

    It's hard not to get caught up in buying things that catch you by surprise because you have never seen the maker before or a shape just calls you. I totally agree about the Eltang Calabash...would love one. I have one that was commissioned with Kurt Huhn that is pretty nice...not an Eltang, but...
  5. Ron

    Ron's cellar

    That's the Mick! Loved him in the 80's/90's...9 1/2 Weeks, Diner, Pope of Greenwich Village, Prayer for the Dying, Angel Heart, Bar Fly, Homeboy...but things really headed south starting around Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (with Don Johnson) Look at him now though...looks like a friggin'...
  6. Ron

    *Open Plea For Support of The NASPC !!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the welcome. Regarding the mugshot...I'm not too thrilled with mow my plastic surgery turned out. :(
  7. Ron

    Ron's cellar

    Hi guys, Just joined up today. A lot of you probably know me from other forums. Anyway, here's a link to]my cellar[/url]. I've never taken any pics of it and it's kinda spread out in a few different places, but I'll get some up here soon.
  8. Ron

    *Open Plea For Support of The NASPC !!!!!!!!

    I agree with Dock. It's $13 well spent. They do great articles, profiles, show reports, etc. I feel like it's an obligation for me to subscribe to NASPC and P&T...kinda like we just need to all band together due to our small and perhaps shrinking numbers.