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  1. HoosierPuffer

    Metal Pipe Thingy

    Well, I went to Japan several weeks ago. While there, I picked up an inexpensive pipe, manufacturer unknown. In the pipe, where a filter normally goes, was a metal plug with a small hole to the side of it. It somewhat restricted the draw of the pipe. When removed, it opened the pipe up. Is...
  2. HoosierPuffer

    Moldy Pipes! Ah!

    So, I went backpacking a few weeks ago and left two pipes - one corncob and one briar - in a ziplock bag. They were quite wet going in. I forgot to remove them, and three weeks later, came across them. Mold. Mold everywhere. Should I toss them? Can I possible save them? I did clean them...
  3. HoosierPuffer

    Richmond, VA shop

    Is there a good one you'd recommend? I'm there on business for the next few days.
  4. HoosierPuffer

    Gun Cleaning Patches - great pipe bowl cleaners

    Well, for the first time tonight, I gave my main pipe a good cleaning. The day after I smoke my pipe, I always take it apart and clean it well with doubled up pipe cleaners. The other week I ordered some pipe sweetener cleaner. I finally decided to use it (and smoke my Peterson Calabash...
  5. HoosierPuffer

    Cellaring Aromatics

    Any special considerations? I'm assuming it isn't that great of an idea? I've got a few ounces of 3 or 4 blends (Optimum, Perfection, Captain Black) that I'm not using much and would like to put away. I have them in the wire bale-top jars at the moment, but am wondering if transferring them...
  6. HoosierPuffer

    Storing and Opening Jarred Tobacco

    Well, I went to Meijer the other day and bought a case of mason jars to start storing tobacco with. A couple of questions: I'm packing ~ 2 oz in each jar. Is that a good practice? (I smoke slowly.) I'm using one of those label makers to label my jars. How long will the little sticky label...
  7. HoosierPuffer

    Backpacking with pipes

    I'm wondering about backpacking with a pipe. Does tobacco attract bear / raccoon / deer? I imagine it does. When we've packed cigars in the past, we ziplock them up really well and keep them in our bear bags. What do you guys do for pipes?
  8. HoosierPuffer

    Virginias - Good Ones To Age

    So, I'm on my Virginia kick right now. I'd like to put some tins away now and pop them open in 50 years. Plugs, twists, flakes, ribbons - doesn't matter. Just something pure, strong, and straight Virginia that will be even better the longer I sock it away. What are some good ones that age...
  9. HoosierPuffer

    Pipe Lighters

    So, what's a good one? I've had zippos before. I'd like something that inverts the flame into the bowl better. What do you use?
  10. HoosierPuffer

    Recommend me a 'baccy

    So, I have finally worked through the sampler tobacco order. (No, I haven't finished them all - but have tried each) Here's what I have that I like: English Luxury - my favorite - great stuff! Virginia Long Cut - tastes great Captain Black - pretty good taste, and I like the smell Perfection...
  11. HoosierPuffer

    Smoking Jackets

    So, I'm thinking of something nice n classy. I'm a bit of a purist as I wade into this hobby. I want the full experience. OK, that and I don't want my clothing to entirely smell of smoke, nor does Mrs. Hoosier Puffer. What do you guys recommend? Anything cool out there?
  12. HoosierPuffer

    Breaking In A New Pipe

    Allright, gents! I've got a question for you :) I've read numerous guides on how to break in a pipe. I've never smoked a pipe before. Never. I've got the following config showing up on my doorstep any day now: How would you go about breaking in the new pipe? What steps would you take...
  13. HoosierPuffer

    Would you move to Texas?

    Would you move to TX if they started to seceed? So, would you? They'd probably drop the taxes on all sorts of stuff! I'll bet many would be mighty tempted to uproot the family and move if they started moving this direction...
  14. HoosierPuffer

    Just bought my starter package

    So, I just bought my starter package. Here's what I went with: A.) I bought myself a Peterson Calabash Rustic Fishtail pipe. B.) I bought my good buddy a Peterson Rock of Cashel pipe. We've determined to becoming puffing parterns. C.) Czech 3 in 1 Pipe Tool D.) Tobacco sampler including ...
  15. HoosierPuffer

    Hoosier Puffer signing in!

    Yep, I'm new to this. I have never smoked a pipe. Never. But I want to try. I like cigars, and mild smoke. I like flavor. I like the scent. So, I'm looking for an good, entry-level setup and know that internet forums are the place to start! Too bad you all have a limit on me buying stuff...