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    MATTNER Pipes

    I was given a beautifully restored MATTNER pot with saddle stem by a friend. This pipe smokes like a champ and it's got beautiful bird's eye grain which I love. Any of the BoB know more about this brand, please?
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    Christmas Cheer 2016

    Not what CC used to be?
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    Rope Tobacco

    I've never smoked any rope tobacco in the more than 50 years I'm on the pipe. I reckon I should try everything available, even if it's only once. I'm sure the brothers can help me chose one or two blends? I love strong tobacco but I don't want my socks burnt off my feet. I thank you for your...
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    How to apply carnauba wax to a new buffer

    I've got a very hard block of carnauba wax and a brand new spinning buffer How do you go about to "charge" the buffer with said wax, please?
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    AMPHORA Original Blend & Full Aroma

    I've noticed on TR some of the USA pipers regret the fact that this tobacco was no longer available to them. I don't know if you've already noticed but 4noggins has got it in stock now. I love this tobacco which reminds me of days gone by.....smoking a stop of Original Blend right now in a cob...
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    I've smoked this tobacco in the 80s and it was one delicious, fruity experience.  Not fruity like an aromatic, just so good tasting. About 6 years ago I tried it again and was very disappointed. Decided, never again. Then, about 6 weeks ago, it was on special at a shade over $6 a 50g tin and I...
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    I've been considering a Georg Jensen for many years. I was told these pipes are all handmade and excellent smokers. True or false, please?
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    PETERSON Supreme

    I'm in the process of buying an estate Peterson Supreme bent billiard. Not sure if it's a system pipe though it looks like it. It seems as if this model is not available anymore. Can't find any reference to it either. I would like to know it's standing in the ranks, quality wise If someone...
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    Pressing tobacco cakes

    How do one go about to moisten tobacco for the purpose of pressing said tobacco, please? I've commissioned a stainless steel press and it will be ready any day now. I believe the tobacco should be a tad moist so that it will stick together, sort of like a tobacco cake All input will be highly...
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    Old Joe Krantz White Label

    I've been smoking OJK for a number of years now and I like it a lot. I've been made aware of the other Joe's as well now, never knew they existed. I've ordered 4oz of the White Label, still waiting for it. Can anyone give me some idea of what it's like, please?
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    MM Bulldog cob - something special?

    I've got an old MM bulldog cob with 14ct gold plated band. It's smokes latakia like a champ :D Is this something special? Not many of them around that I know of
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    ASTLEY 109 Jermin Street

    I've inherited this pipe from the late Muddler who was a member here. He passed away after suffering from cancer for more than 2 years. Does anyone have knowledge about this brand, please?
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    Peterson Dunmore

    Peterson Dunmore early edition ...... Is this something special? Collectable? I thank you, gentlemen :D
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    GBD International 58440

    I have a smallish GBD International bent bulldog with the number 58440 on the right hand side of the shank. It seems to be quite old and I had to replace the stem because it was all chewed up. The number seems odd to me because it usually is 4 digits at most. I will appreciate any feedback...
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    Merry Christmas and all that

    Hi brothers of mine! Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Enjoy whatever you do and do whatever you enjoy !!
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    Swisher's Blackstone

    South African tobaccos are just that; tobacco There is no way you can tell what you are smoking, virginia, burley etc. Imported tobacco is expensive So when something comes along which is not to dear, we go for it. Like Swisher's Blackstone Any of the brothers can tell me a bit more about...
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    Christmas Cheer 2016/2017

    Any of the brothers smoked this newest release of CC ? I wonder what it taste like? I've got a couple of tins of both but all of them are still sealed :oops: Waiting for Christmas to come. What about the 2017 CC ? I can't smoke it because it will only be produced next year :shock: :(
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    Orlik Golden Sliced....50g and 100g tins same tobacco?

    I've smoked OGS from both 50g and 100g tins and love both of them. My current 50g tin contains tobacco which is softer, smoother and a tad richer than what I got out of the 100g tins. Imagination ????
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    My First Dunhills

    Thanks to the man known as Puffer Mark, whom I'm very proud to call my friend, I bought 2 Dunhills today for very little money. Mark has got a nose like a police dog ( Mark is a Lt Col in the police) for finding bargains as far as pipes are concerned. He gave me the heads up on this source and...
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    MM Cobbits

    I've ordered an MM Elf Cobbit churchwarden yesterday. I was wondering whether any of the brothers can tell me something about said pipes, good or bad? I thank you !