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  1. jogilli

    Secret Santa 2015

    Yea... I'm just glad I'm tooled up to fix it... It's a wonderful pipe... James
  2. jogilli

    Secret Santa 2015

    Figured I'd post this here.. Instead of the whatcha smoking feed... I couldn't wait to light up my new meerschaum... I've wanted a lattice shape for a while... I spent the morning looking at it and when taking the stem out about a quarter of the shank broke out in a half moon sort of shape... So...
  3. jogilli

    Secret Santa 2015

    I think somebody forged my name on the "Good Boys" list... Thanks Secret Santa... I could barely wait to get to my car this afternoon when I picked it up a the Post Office and grab a quick look inside... just made my meeting with a minute to spare ;-) SG St. James Flake SG Golden Glow SG 1792...
  4. jogilli

    May I see your various red stained or plum pipes?

    I like the variations that red stain provide for a pipe.. so here are a few I own Dirk Heinemann Egg one of my workshop pipes and my Brindle Billiard
  5. jogilli

    Secret Santa 2014

    thanks.. the pipe stand will have a permanent place on my desk there.. its perfect for a rest on a workshop desk... and the tobacco's.. what can I say... I couldn't ask for anything better.... I enjoy cobs personally, and never had one with a forever stem... and that style is the style I also...
  6. jogilli

    Secret Santa 2014

    Well my secret Santa outdid theirselves ... Virginias, Virginia mixes and a most outstanding cob with a forever Stem (Fixed it for you. C.) Yea, it's sideways.... Hardly use serving.. Sorry.. Just tilt your head a little to the left Enjoy your Christmas holidays boys and girls James
  7. jogilli

    Not a good day

    Wow.. Almost unbelievable ... Stay safe James
  8. jogilli

    Wearing a scarf???

    i have a couple of wool ones.. no pictures of them though.  they come in really handy when it gets cold... stops the wind from going down my shirt and making my belly cold   ;-) james
  9. jogilli

    Secret Santa 2014

    That's easy... Me :santa: James
  10. jogilli

    I found my Grandfather's pipes!

    Congrats on the fantastic find ... What a heirloom ... Clean em and enjoy em James
  11. jogilli

    New Guy from Germany

    welcome to the Bob from a fellow Texan in BW ;-) james
  12. jogilli

    West Coast Pipe Show 2014!

    Mejoshee I'll be attending as a pipemaker... it's going to be my first US show so I'm looking forward to it James Gilliam JSEC Pipes
  13. jogilli

    West Coast Pipe Show 2014!

    Me ;-)
  14. jogilli

    Hello from Germany

    welcome Dirk.. if you make it to Speyer (Oct 18) stop by and say hi ;-) james
  15. jogilli

    Jim's HU Tobacco Reviews

    Hans has some top quality tobacco.. I picked some of the haymaker this past weekend at the lohmar show For English descriptions, just click the UK flag top right corner I think James
  16. jogilli

    Growley Pipes, chasing that pipe dream.

    good luck Brian.. you don't need too much.. you make a great's wishing you all the best in your future endeavors james
  17. jogilli

    Hello from Germany!

    apparently the first post didn't take.. welcome to the Bob from Stuttgart.... make some time for Lohmar Pfeifenmesse if you can.. its a good time james Lohmar PipeShow 2014 10 May 2014 Time 1000-1700 Location: Villa Friedlinda, Bachstr 10 Lohmar Germany Website: Last...
  18. jogilli


    dad gum jesse... happy birthday....just wait until the grey starts coming in ;-) james
  19. jogilli

    Hello From Texas

    what Jesse really meant was.. Not your again... welcome ;-)
  20. jogilli

    McC's Classic Virginia 2010 - Impressios

    It's one of my current go to blends... Nice review... At least the second one was ;-) James