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  1. hobie1dog

    FS- 6 Ounce bag of Penzance

    I have an opened bag that has 6.08 ounces in it. The price is $90.00 which includes shipping in the lower 48 states. I  will NOT ship to Canada. Payment is PayPal using Friends and family,  but if you don't want to use it, add $5.00 PM me
  2. hobie1dog

    FS- (2) Bags of Penzance

    Unfortunately I must sell some of my Penzance. Each 8 oz bag is $120.00 which includes shipping within the 48 states. I will NOT ship to Canada. Per guidelines PM me . Payment is received through PayPal using Friends and Family, if you want to not use it, then add $5.00
  3. hobie1dog

    FS: Stonehaven 8oz bags Qty-2

    Friend of mine decided he wants to sell his 2 bags of Stonehaven for 135.00 each. He is not on the web....old school. Shipping will be 7.00 for individual bags or 10.00 for both in the lower 48 states, anything outside we be quoted separately PayPal friends and family is preferred. Thanks.
  4. hobie1dog

    Happy Birthday JimInks

    I had it saved in my phone so that I wouldn't forget this year. Smoke a bowl for me (if you do your normal 10 bowls a day) Hope we can still meet up one day at an event in NC. Marty
  5. hobie1dog

    Burners Pipe Night, Huntersville NC

    The first Tuesday of every month , from 6pm-9pm. Burners Cigar Shop 16620 Cranlyn Rd #130, Huntersville, NC 28078 Located in the Birkdale Shopping Center Everyone invited, it's a fun time
  6. hobie1dog

    BoB T-shirts

    Did anyone ever do anything with the idea of T-shirts with the BoB logo on it? It was discussed several years back.
  7. hobie1dog

    Back after 2 years, what did I miss?

    Hi: I quit all the pipe forums 2 years ago, but don't know why I quit this one. Did I offend someone and get asked to leave? :shock: It's happened before :lol!: So someone fill me in on what excitement I missed the last 2 years.
  8. hobie1dog

    List your stereo setup

    Many of us have a stereo going while smoking. Post up some pics of your stereo, speakers for us.
  9. hobie1dog

    Wanted: JT Cooke Pipe Making Video

    several years ago he had a DVD on pipe making that was supposed to be spectacular, but he quickly sold out of them, and now he said that if there are any originals out there that anyone is welcome to make a copy of it. So does anyone have this DVD? I want to obtain a copy of it. :)
  10. hobie1dog

    IF you won the 100M dollar Lottery

    Just to see what interesting answers I will recieve, if you won 100 Million in the Lottery, how would you spend it? All to charity like the old couple just did that was in the news? Buy everything on your list and then some? Buy the Peterson or Savinelli factory? Give me your answers. :)
  11. hobie1dog

    Anyone tried Dorisco Mixture from James Fox?

    Looking for feedback other than
  12. hobie1dog

    What are your other Hobbies?

    Did a search, went back 28 pages on here and couldn't find a thread that gives everyone a chance to list their other hobbies. Pictures are encouraged. There's got to be some interesting ones from everyone.
  13. hobie1dog

    Flavor Orgasm lasts only 10-15 puffs???? Why???

    I have been experiencing something lately that I need an answer for. When lighting up, as in a recent episode with "Beacon Extra", there is a rush of intense flavor, totally void of any burnt ash/bowl residue/nastiness, that gives me a brief olfactory Orgasm. It's a quick glimpse of pure flavor...
  14. hobie1dog

    Cayman Islands Cigar shops/Pipe shops

    I did a search but didn't find anything about this, but I'm going to the Cayman Islands next month and was wondering if anyone had been to the 4 or so Cigar shops, and if any of them had pipe stuff there too?
  15. hobie1dog

    BoB T-Shirts?

    Has anyone thought about having the BoB logo put on the back of a t-shirt and then a small size one on the front? Done in the same colors above? Could be neat to have and advertise at the same time.
  16. hobie1dog

    How many blends/inventory spread sheet ?

    Ok, being new to the hobby, does anyone have a listing of all the blends, and companies that make tins etc., like in a spreadsheet form? I was wanting to get a sheet with all the different ones on it so that I could check each one off as I get to sample it and use it as an inventory sheet, or...
  17. hobie1dog

    Looking 4, 2 old blends of tobacco

    I talked to my first cousin last night ( 1st time in 40 years ) as I knew he use to smoke a pipe and I was trying to track down my Grandfathers pipes. I asked him what his favorites were ( he quit years ago ) and he said, Churchills Great Dane Tinder Box-Dave's Delight He lives in Grand...
  18. hobie1dog

    Great Photos thread

    Thought it might be interesting to post up a few photos that are unique.
  19. hobie1dog

    Let's see your smoking chair

    My Grandfather had a chair that was the epitome of comfortable, that he always sat in and smoked his pipes with. I inherited it, but later during a move, it found a new home. :cry: This is the chair I'm saving up for. I tried one out at a local stereo shop last year, and I just melted into...
  20. hobie1dog

    Antique Pipe Rack Restoration Project

    I bought this pipe rack/humidor off of Ebay last week. There was another one that had some documentation that it was built around 1890 or so and it was a 6 pipe rack. This one looks like the same manufacturer but who knows what vintage it is. Has a divot and scratches on the top which will...