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  1. Rob_In_MO

    PAD from last week

    I went overboard and ended up with a very nice haul! First: a beautiful Peterson from user Brunello. It's a great smoker, and you can be sure that any of the pipes he sells will be very well packed and arrive quickly. And it's a great smoker too! Second: an eBay score, Karl Erik Knute...
  2. Rob_In_MO

    TAD from J M Boswell

    A little TAD order came in today: Dan Tobacco’s Milonga (VA Aro.) and Hamborger Veermaster.
  3. Rob_In_MO

    Analog! Oh Yeah

    The MOOG Subsequent 37. For creating those unique and powerful Analog sounds that digital can never recreate.
  4. Rob_In_MO

    Merry Christmas to me

    A little Erik Nording PAD for the holidays, and to celebrate my picking up the pipe again. Now to load it up with some RLP-6.
  5. Rob_In_MO

    I'm back

    After a several year break (no reason to go into details) I'm back to smoking a pipe and have been missing the Bretheren here.
  6. Rob_In_MO

    Headphones only - bedroom listening rig

    This is my very small listening setup in the bedroom - a vintage NAD 7125 Receiver and a Sony SCD-CE595 SACD / CD Player.   Headphones are a set of Pioneer SE-A1000's and a vintage  set of Sony MDR-V6's that need a new set of earpads. No pics of the headphones yet, but will when time allows...
  7. Rob_In_MO

    What in the Wide Wide World of Sports is going on here?

    Hello all.  Been way too long since I popped in and said hey! Been busy with work, new baby is now 11-months old.   (Wife and I thought we were way past that stage in life, but the Good Lord thought otherwise and blessed us with a perfect baby boy last May.) Still working at Ozark Steel as a...
  8. Rob_In_MO

    Spatchcock Chicken on the UDS

    A little Spatchcock Chicken for lunch.  Went on the UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker) about 9:30, and the internal temp hit 165-F about 11:40. Smoked it at 260-degrees, then flipped it over and bumped the temp up to about 320 for the last 20-minutes (to crisp the skin). I used a little too much dry rub...
  9. Rob_In_MO

    UFO Sighting or RC 'Flying Trash Can Lid' ?

    Actually, it's called 'The Nutball' - a 24" flying disc. Simple 3-channel control (Rudder, Elevator, and Throttle) and super cheap to build - this one is made from 1/2" foam board. It's a quick build using low-temp hot glue, is ugly as can be, but the potential exists for many hours of fun.  Not...
  10. Rob_In_MO

    Alright - Who did it? (bombed)

    Today I get home from work to find a small USPS Priority Mail package in the mailbox. I did recently order some crap for my RC Planes (parts) but just ordered them Friday, so I knew that was out. The package came from Alabama, so that limited the choices/suspects even more. I open the box to...
  11. Rob_In_MO

    Been away for a couple weeks

    After an infamous return, i'm sorry to have been away the last couple weeks. Sickness in my immediate family, a very close relative in less-than-favorable health, and other BS issues that pop up on occasion. Anyway, should be back to normal.  Of course 'Normal' for me is of  questionable...
  12. Rob_In_MO

    Twas a good day to fly (RC - that is)

    Planes I took to the flying field today: 1. Great Planes - Electrostik (old thrasher) 2. Eflite - Rare Bear (speedy) 3. Great Planes - Cub 40 (the old girl) Had a good day, good visit with several others at the field, and several good flights. Cub needed a little more tuning, but good to go...
  13. Rob_In_MO

    Suspicious Looking Package in the Mail today.

    Addresses have been colored over to protect the innocent (and not so innocent :twisted:  ) Let's just say, when I saw it was from AJ, I had to proceed with extreme caution. Of course the usual metal detector was used, followed by a geiger counter. Next the dogs were called in, but they picked...
  14. Rob_In_MO

    Talked to Dutch on the phone late yesterday evening.

    And I can honestly say that after talking to him for well over an hour late yesterday evening, he must look 100% exactly like his avatar.  (it really is him)   :lol!: Just messing with you, Brother.  Enjoyed that chat, and look forward to many more to come. It was very nice to hear the...
  15. Rob_In_MO

    Bombed by DrumsAndBeer.

    Bombed by a fellow Brother.  This wonderful package came in the mail today. Thank You Very Much, Chris.  You truly are a Brother!  8) I can't wait to try the Grousemoor!  Devil's Holiday is a fine aro as well, and always welcome here. The other treat i'm really looking forward to trying is...
  16. Rob_In_MO

    Been one heck of a summer for me

    Well all, it's been one hell of a spring/summer for me.  Many of you know I got into the lawn care business a while back, and have been working on growing the business.   Luckily i've been roughly doubling the amount of business I have each year, and this year was no exception.  I actually had...
  17. Rob_In_MO

    Just for You, Dr. T !

    I changed my Avatar just for you, Dr. T.  That's the real me, though it was taken  a couple of years ago in the fall. No more Emperor Palpatine.  I played that one out a little too long.  Change is a good thing. Besides, I can see where some people could possibly get the wrong impression of me...
  18. Rob_In_MO

    Had an unexpected visitor at Friday morning's first lawn

    Yes - this was not who/what I expected to see Friday morning when I pulled up to the first lawn of the day. " /> My first thought was 'Oh yeah, Chicken & Dumplings for dinner'. lol 8)
  19. Rob_In_MO

    Kyle Weiss - thinking of you.