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  1. HoosierPuffer

    Indianapolis B&M's

    Check out Hardwick's in Broad Ripple. I'm not sure about the one off the circle in terms of pipe tobacco selection, but the Broad Ripple store is great - they even have free samples of their blends! :)
  2. HoosierPuffer

    Are new BALL jars clean?

    This is an excellent post, OP!
  3. HoosierPuffer

    She said "yes"... : )

    Congratulations!!!!! :cheers:
  4. HoosierPuffer

    How many pipes do you smoke a day/week?

    Well, I was at 1-2 a week. Then I got the flu. I haven't had the pipe out since then, and that was 5-6 weeks ago. On backpacking trips? That number is classified.
  5. HoosierPuffer

    Snow of the Decade...

    Well, send some our way. I'd sure like a little more than we've gotten so far. All I was able to do was have one measly snowball fight with my boy and build one tiny snowman. :x
  6. HoosierPuffer

    SG FVF

    10 year old FVF? Yep, good stuff. I have some that is only 6 months old and love it, and the fellas that smoke aged stuff says it only gets better with time!
  7. HoosierPuffer

    How many pipes do you smoke a day/week?

    For a while it was 2-3 per week. Since I got sick it hasn't happened at all in the last month. I miss it but will probably get back into it when it warms up. No inside smoking for me, of my own volition - it alienates real estate buyers. Plus when you need to get out of the house.... and an...
  8. HoosierPuffer

    do i keep her?

    Depends on the pipe. :clown:
  9. HoosierPuffer

    Metal Pipe Thingy

    What I don't like about it is how much it restricts the draw on the pipe. It draws quite well without it. Granted, I haven't smoked it yet, just tried it. I wonder if I can stuff a filter in there.
  10. HoosierPuffer

    Metal Pipe Thingy

    Well, I went to Japan several weeks ago. While there, I picked up an inexpensive pipe, manufacturer unknown. In the pipe, where a filter normally goes, was a metal plug with a small hole to the side of it. It somewhat restricted the draw of the pipe. When removed, it opened the pipe up. Is...
  11. HoosierPuffer

    Moldy Pipes! Ah!

    So, I went backpacking a few weeks ago and left two pipes - one corncob and one briar - in a ziplock bag. They were quite wet going in. I forgot to remove them, and three weeks later, came across them. Mold. Mold everywhere. Should I toss them? Can I possible save them? I did clean them...
  12. HoosierPuffer

    Smoking while sick

    Nope. Of course I rarely get sick and haven't yet had to make that decision. ...knocks on his briarwood pipe... My tonsils are the first to go when I do, so I've already determined I won't.
  13. HoosierPuffer

    Stokkebye Long Cut Virginia

    I liked the stuff quite a bit too when I first started with the pipe. I haven't smoked it in a while. I picked up a bunch of new Virginias that I like better (FVF, Blackwoods, etc), but it is still on my good list.
  14. HoosierPuffer

    I still like Captain Black White!!

    If you like it, smoke it. God gave us all different likes and dislikes in this world. We should embrace our God-given, individual characteristics and let others do the same. There is great beauty in diversity. Drives me crazy when people start picking others' preferences for them.
  15. HoosierPuffer

    William Ashton Taylor passed away today.

    I'll pray for the family and those who knew him :(
  16. HoosierPuffer

    Need a strong hit!!

    I've heard the Samuel Gawith XX Rope is a kick in the pants. I personally get a big hit from Full Virginia Flake - I have to eat an hour before (not right before).
  17. HoosierPuffer

    Getting my second pipe (help!)

    I am in the same price range as you. I have a Peterson Calabash and Savinelli Bing's Favorite - both excellent pipes.
  18. HoosierPuffer

    A little sampler advice please

    I'm going to go a little against the grain here. I went with a nice sampler from when I first started this hobby several months ago since I had no idea what to expect of anything. I also had 3 pipes for starters. One I used for Virginias, and one for everything else. A...
  19. HoosierPuffer

    Recommendation Needed

    I second Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake McClelland's Blackwoods Flake Now, I don't particularly like the out-of-the-box smell of the Blackwoods Flake, but after it dries for a good long while (I let it sit out for a day) - it is just about right - nice n tangy. The Full Virginia Flake...
  20. HoosierPuffer

    My Penzance tins went kerplunkt - poor seal!!

    :shock: Sounds like a wardrobe malfunction with the tin! You did what I would have done - popped them in a jar. With that said, I have a few tins that I'm going to go check now.... Guess I'm going to continue to buy bulk from now on when I store things long term.