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  1. MartinH

    Buffalo Soldiers WWII and his pipe]Love this picture[/url]
  2. MartinH

    Used Lamb Skin Pipe Pouch odor

    Hey Everyone, I was able to get this gorgeous lamb skin two-pipe and tobacco pouch at a local B&M. Not sure if the previous owner used some tobacco that left an odor, but the smell coming from the pouch is not akin to anything I smoke. I love the look and feel of the thing, but I need to do...
  3. MartinH

    1950s era Sido German Lighter

    Hey Everyone, I have not posted in a while, taken a break from online, but my wife gave me an awesome Christmas present, and I need some help. As one of my presents she gave me a 1950s era Sido lighter that says US Zone on it. I think it is a German brand, the writing looks like it. I grew up in...
  4. MartinH

    Brick fire pit

    I'm looking forward to enjoying this in the wall with pipe and scotch in hand! I'm bragging, sorry, but this turned out really nice, considering I did it! LOL I got this for under $300 at Home Depot! :)
  5. MartinH

    Factory Seconds - how to identify

    Hey Everyone! I was at a local (monthly) "antiques" show/fair, and found this interesting churchwarden. The guy trying to sell it said it was "oak"!! Ha! I said, well it says "Imported Brian" right there. :) Well, he gives me this story about the man who had this thing "special ordered" and...
  6. MartinH

    Hey Everyone

    I wanted to introduce myself again, after being off the boards for several years now. After experimenting with the pipe off and on, I have found a nice groove with my pipe hobby and enjoy mostly VAs with a few heavy English blends as the mood strikes. I am looking forward to participating again...
  7. MartinH

    Hey! Oh, no! He's back!

    Hey Everyone, Well, I've returned to the pipe. It's a long story, and I'm smoking more than ever now. Nicotine = medical benefits. So, I thought that I would come back. I decided to not participate in any online discussion right before the last election cycle and it's been hard getting back...
  8. MartinH

    Zippo repair or replacement insert

    Stupid question, as I know that Zippo offers a lifetime guarantee on their lighters...but... Do they only repair the case or also the insert? My insert broke on me this morning and now my only pipe lighter (well the only one I use) is toast. I tried to find some inserts online, but wasn't sure...
  9. MartinH

    Interested in bulk tobaccos for aging

    Hey Gentlemen, Have any of your purchased tobaccos in bulk to allow them to age for later consumption? After my Captain Black experience, I'm wondering if I could build my cellar with some bulk tobacco that will mellow and improve over the years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My go to...
  10. MartinH

    Captain Black - redux

    So, I finally had the chance to try my aged Captain Black and I have to say it was a real treat. I know my grandfather smoked it exclusively back when I was a kid and maybe it's the nostalgia, but it was one of the nicer smokes I've had. A light hint of some sort of topping, along with a simple...
  11. MartinH

    Lost a tree

    During the bad storms this week here in NC, I lost a tree I'm estimating at roughly 110 feet. This is a monster. I've spend most of the week trying to cut this sucker up, but it's slow going as this oak is hard as nails.
  12. MartinH

    Calling any "hat guys"

    Okay, I'll be the first to admit it, I'm totally going bald, am growing a "yamika" on the back of my pate and need to wear a hat at all times. Well, at least while outside. I get burned to a cinder. Up until recently I've been a "baseball cap" guy, but I found this awesome hat that I will call a...
  13. MartinH

    10 year old Captain Black 14oz tin

    My dad found an old tin of Captain Black that I bought before my wife and I met, which makes it 8-10 years old. I popped the top on it and it's still really moist and has an amazing bouquet. So, the question is, do I smoke it straight or should I use it as a blending tobacco for other cavendish...
  14. MartinH

    Found fabulous cigar shop in Charleston, SC

    Please indulge my idiocy here... <Warning, this is about cigars, not our beloved pipes!> We just returned from a very hot and humid trip to Charleston. However, while there I had the pleasure of finding Havacigar. It's a little tiny, hole-in-the-wall joint, with the actual address of 54 1/2...
  15. MartinH

    My Crazy Job

    I have been absent lately not by choice, but by necessity. We're in our ten hour work days, which generally means 11 hours at work. My family now has a YMCA membership so we're at the pool or exercising in some way most days of the week. This week being an anomaly because we have company from...
  16. MartinH

    Mad about tobacco drying out- 9oz of Squadron Leader

    I just went through all of my tinned Squardon Leader, roughly 9oz worth of it, and it all went dry on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I am so unhappy about this. It still smokes okay, but has almost no apparent moisture. So, I re-tinned it, and this time used actual glass jars with metal lids. The heavy...
  17. MartinH

    Tobacco Drying Out

    I've read some of the threads on the board in the past about preserving and "canning" your tobacco. I have my various leaf stored in varying containers. Some are in screw top glass canisters, and some in rubbermaid glass jars with rubber lids. I pulled out a jar of Squadron Leader last night and...
  18. MartinH

    My attempt at an irregular shaped freehand

    This is my first pipe post finger surgery. During buffing I saw some major flaws in terms of proportions, but I love large pipes. I will probably take this back to the sander, but the burl is so full of pit and cracks that I tried something different. [/url][/img] [/url][/img] [/url][/img]...
  19. MartinH

    10,000 hours

    I'm currently reading Malcolm Gladwell's book "Outliers." It's a fascinating look at how people become successful. Much of what Gladwell realized is that a person needs much support and the right circumstances, and luck. But one major factor is becoming an expert in your field. After looking at...
  20. MartinH

    New tobacco love affair

    This small company has a new blend which is now my favorite tobacco so far. It is a VA and perique blend, which is smooth, rich, buttery and simply amazing. VIRGINIA AND PERIQUE (Aromatic) Often called “vaper”, VP is a blend of toasted Virginia and...