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  1. Mikem

    A Very Nice Gift

    I would like to thank Ranger107 for this surprise gift. Its a Erik Nording pipe stand and a nice tamper. What really makes this special is many many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Nording when he was in Phoenix hitting a lot of the local shops doing a road show. I want to say the...
  2. Mikem

    2020 Pad/Tad tax refund

    I couldn't help myself: I know I said I already had plenty but I couldn't help it. 8 ounces Stokkebye Proper English Tub Edward G Robinson (thanks Idlefellow for the recommendation). I've smoked a couple bowls now and could see where this could be an every day blend in the rotation. Ropp...
  3. Mikem

    My new smoking cart for the camper.

    I had to run to the local version of Home Depot/Lowes called Menards for my Son. They had these laundry carts on sale. This works perfectly for my every day pipe/tobacco needs in the camper. Now everything is in one place instead of sitting on the countertops and furniture.
  4. Mikem

    My Irish leftovers breakfast

    I had some leftover corned beef so I decided to make breakfast. Potatoes, onion, red, yellow, green bell pepper, corned beef and garlic. I topped off with two eggs over easy. Coffee with a shot of Tulimore Dew.
  5. Mikem

    Forgive my Ignorance Cowboy Coffee

    I see where a lot of you say you have Cowboy Coffee in the morning. Is this a certain way you brew coffee, a brand of coffee or a tobacco blend? I love a good cup of coffee in the morning when smoking my morning bowl. I admit at times I am slow and don't catch on.
  6. Mikem

    Another modified Cob

    Was playing around with another of the cobs that I purchased. I think I will leave the stem/bit straight this time. I still need to polish and do some cleaning up of the stem.
  7. Mikem

    Two packages today.

    Three Missouri Meerschaum pipes: all straight, Country Gentlemen, Mark Twain and a Diplomat. Tobacco: India Trading Company-Officers Cub, C&D Black Duck, 8 oz of Peter Stokkebye English Oriental and Mac Baren Bold Kentucky. All blends I've never had before. I wanted to get some Stokkebye Proper...
  8. Mikem

    First try at Shrimp Creole

    I have been having a hankering for some shrimp creole. Found a recipe on the internet. Taste pretty good for a first try.
  9. Mikem

    I couldn't leave well enough alone.

    As I said in another thread I just purchased a Dagner Poker Cob pipe. I really didn't care for the short stem and bit. I still have a bunch of pipe making components and briar blocks that I purchased from when Paul Hildebrand owned Pipe Makers Emporium in Phoenix. I like Pokers and Churchwardens...
  10. Mikem

    A question for the Blenders here.

    I was a fan of Esoterica Pembroke back in the day which was a English blend with Cognac added. From what I can find out it had Virginia/Turkish/Oriental/Latakia tobacco's in the blend along with I'm assuming a topping of Cognac. My question to you Gentlemen who blend is have you ever added...
  11. Mikem

    What are your Pipe and Tobacco plans for 2021

    As suggested by another esteemed member here: What are your plans for 2021 concerning either pipes or tobacco for the upcoming year? Mine include the trying of some of the Peterson Dunhill blends such as Elizabethan mixture, 965 and Nightcap. I am also looking forward to cracking open some of...
  12. Mikem

    This Poker thing is getting out of hand.

    As you can see this is probably my favorite shape that I have collected through the years.
  13. Mikem

    Pipe Nostalgia?

    I'm finding myself more and more going back to some of my original pipes that I purchased when I started this wonderful hobby some thirty plus years ago since being quarantined due to this Covid-19 pandemic. Has anyone else found themselves going back to some of their older pipes. I'm guessing...
  14. Mikem

    Peterson/Dunhill blends

    I was wondering if anyone has tried the Peterson remakes of the Dunhill blends. I am partial to the old Elizabethan Dunhill blend. I have tried Pipes and Cigars match blend which IMHO isn't bad. But I am curious if the Peterson blends are the same as the Dunhill blends?
  15. Mikem

    Questions on Mossberg 935 Shotgun

    Has anyone ever owned a Mossberg 935 or 930 semi-automatic shotgun. I was wondering if they have had any issue? All's I've ever seen complaint wise is them not cycling 2 3/4 shells, which in my experience always depends on the gun and the round. I have had 2 3/4 rounds in my Browning that...
  16. Mikem

    After Four Years Finally got my First Turkey

    I finally did it. After four years of trying to get a fall Turkey here in Arizona I did it. My hunting buddy and I have been trying the same hunting unit four years now. Spent I don't know how much money on fancy shotgun, laser sight, camo clothes, hunting boots, ghillie suit, calls, blind...
  17. Mikem

    Hopefully History will not repeat itself 24 years later.

    The last time the U.S. and Iran had a shooting war against each other over the Strait of Hormuz was in April 1988. The carrier task force involved was the USS Enterprise. The operation was called Praying Mantis. It started over a Iranian mine hitting the USS Roberts a missile frigate. Before...
  18. Mikem

    Happy Birthday Dock and Doc

    What are the odds of having both of our Doc(k)'s having a birthday on the same day. Happy Birthday to DocWatson and Danish Pipe Guy
  19. Mikem

    The Day Started Out Perfect

    My son who is now 20+ came home on a four day leave today from the Navy (he is stationed on the aircraft carrier Enterprise as a Nuclear Powerplant operator in Newport News, Virginia). Probably to see his new wife graduate from college more than me :cry: but it was still great getting to see...
  20. Mikem

    Been playing in the shop and created two pipes.

    I've been putting a lot of hours in at work lately and decided to do some relaxing. Witch for me is playing in my garage/shop. I'm "trying" and I do mean "trying" to become a pipe maker. Even if it is just for me and my friends. Here are two eight sided paneled Pokers that I made using my...