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  1. Bluefisher

    taking a break for a moment

    Hi folks, As some of you may know my family welcomed a new baby into the world right around Christmas. All is well, but I noticed the other day that it's been four months since I've put flame to tobacco. I was looking over my pipe rack and came to realize that I no longer have any desire to...
  2. Bluefisher

    New Four Giants rack

    Just received a new rack from the folks at Four Giants. They take nicer pictures than I do so I'll just link to their page: "The Shaker" is now mine. Hexaemeron (his Reddit name) was great to work with and the rack turned out beautifully.
  3. Bluefisher

    Any Hal O' The Wynd fans?

    Just about finished my first 100g tin of HOTW, and I have to say I really really like it. At first I found it pleasant but lacking depth, but I keep reaching past the other tins on my desk to smoke this one. It strikes a nice balance of sweetness, a little spice, and bassy tobacco. I've looked...
  4. Bluefisher

    Just got the first ever complaint from the wife

    Walking into the house after my morning smoke, I was greeted by a disgruntled spouse. "I usually like the smell of you pipes, but even with all the windows closed whatever that was stunk up the house" she lamented. "Did it even taste good?" Yes, yes it did. The culprit? Hearth & Home Black House.
  5. Bluefisher

    Oldest in yer cellar

    As someone who's just really began to cellar tobacco (when I started smoking a pipe i pretty much only smoke English / Balkan blends, and did so one tin at a time) I don't have anything particularly old in mine. I'm making up for lost time and am working hard at putting away more tobacco than I...
  6. Bluefisher

    Odessey in my new Stanwell flame grain

    and man is it a good combo.
  7. Bluefisher

    New Stanwell + repair recommendation request

    Hi! I just picked up a dandy Stanwell Flame Grain estate pipe and boy do I love it. I've been after this shape for a while and my hunch was right - it's a great fit for me. Here's the pipe: There's one little problem with it however. There's a tiny gap between the...
  8. Bluefisher

    Seven Essentials

    Hi! I'm wondering what you all would consider the "essential blends" that everyone should smoke at least once. I'm not talking about tobacco for new smokers here. I've been smoking cigars for 15 years, and a pipe for 18 months, and I have no fear of strong tobacco. :face: I'm thinking more of...
  9. Bluefisher

    Nightcap in a really wide Savinelli pot

    and what a great pair they make!
  10. Bluefisher

    Hello from the Pacific NW

    Greetings all, Thanks for leaving this forum open to new members. I'm a 20 years cigar smoker who picked up the briar only a year ago, but I'm already in love. Cigars are still a passion, but I find nothing more relaxing than a hearty Latakia blend in my Taylor Made sandblast pot. Beyond the...