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  1. jogilli

    1901 BBB Billiard

    As some of you know I attend the 100km van Ieper in Belgium nearly every year since 2002. It's a walk around the WWI Battlefields that consumed Ieper. I've been bitten by the pipe making bug, and how and along the way dabbled in restorations just because, but my search for a pre-WWI era pipe is...
  2. jogilli

    Tommi Teichmann Pencil Shank Billiard

    Ok.. it's not really a billiard per the actual dimensions.. but wow..I picked this up at the Lohmar Pfeifenmesse yesterday... Tommi does some wonderful work. the show was a blast and all the pipe makers had an enjoyable time.. even though it was a little cold ;-) james
  3. jogilli

    Pipe shops in/near Suffolk VA

    Well.. it's time to do some travelling again.. any suggestions for a pipe store around the suffolk area.. tks james
  4. jogilli

    Charleston SC

    I'm headed to Charleston in February for a week and have a question for some folks living there I already plan on visiting and having a bowl and maybe picking up a tobacco jar if they have a natical designed one... been looking for a natical design for a while...
  5. jogilli

    The pipe that didn't want to be

    I ended up taking a few days off from work and thought I would share the last couple of days... Talk about a piece of work...Everything that could have gone wrong with this pipe did. Originally the shank was about 1.5 inches longer with a light (white) horn ferrule. The horn had the tennon on it...
  6. jogilli

    Hello from a Texan living in Germany

    Good day. I've been following the blog for a few weeks and must say that there are some pretty interesting conversations going on. I'm kind of like an expat living and working in Germany. Retired U.S. Navy CTRC currently working for the Department of the Army. My favorite pipes are a W.O...