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  1. DWT

    Boudin King Cake

    Last Friday I had the weekly lunch group over for bacon-wrapped grilled duck breast w. jalapenos and one of the guys brought a boudin (spicy rice sausage) king cake. It's made w. pastry dough, covered in a lightly sweet glaze w. raisins and crushed bacon. Simply delicious. I got the baby, so...
  2. DWT

    Alligator Shoes

    I recently purchased a like-new pair of loafers by Cole&Haan to replace a pair I ruined during Katrina.Now I'm thinking about getting another pair. Any recommendations/comments are welcome.
  3. DWT

    New Orleans Pipe Show

    The website is active:  It should be a great event.
  4. DWT

    Panama Hats- Your Favorite maker

    I'm in the market for a new panama. I've been looking at the Brent Black website.  Nice, but quite expensive. Any experiences or recommendations are welcome.
  5. DWT

    Hello from New Orleans

    Just want to say hello and I'm happy to be a new member of BOB.