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  1. Jers

    Gilette Regus

    Kenneth Williams with some old British double entendre ‘Carry On' humour.... Fraternally Jers
  2. Jers

    Gilette Regus Nice purchase Todd! I was gifted a straight razor at Christmas but my hands tremor so much that at present trying to use would qualify as a suicide attempt. Fraternally Jers
  3. Jers

    What are you smoking?

    Erinmore flake in a Pete 408. Fraternally Jers
  4. Jers

    What are you smoking?

    DDNR in a Pete 221. Fresh coffee and good movie accompanying.... Fraternally Jers
  5. Jers

    What are you smoking?

    Fox's Provost in a Todd Harris bent Dublin. Fraternally Jers
  6. Jers

    Happy Birthday Richard Hester

    Belated Birthday Wishes Richard! :cheers: :cheers:  Fraternally Jers
  7. Jers

    Christy Safety Razor

    I wasn't familiar with the Christy brand. I did a quick Internet search and found out that it may be difficult to source blades for them. I hope this helps, there is some good information on Christys further into the thread...
  8. Jers

    Wet shave rabbit hole. Oh, what the hell.....

    Good news PB!:cheers: :cheers:  That fact that you have retained both earlobes, nostrils and lips is a WIN! :lol: I can't quite work up the drive to go with a straight razor yet - presently my hands tend to shake too much to make it a sensible option. After reading your experiences I'm...
  9. Jers

    "ahem" Also, Retiring

    Congratulations brother! :cheers: :cheers:  Welcome to the pensioners club.8)  Fraternally Jers
  10. Jers

    Let's See Some Pics of Your Moretti's!

    That's a beauty - congratulations!:cheers: :cheers:  Either you have tiny hands or that is a monster pipe!:shock:  Fraternally Jers
  11. Jers

    I hate cancer

    Just reading your post for the first time BB. I'm so sorry to read what you are going through. I wish I could do something to help other than empathise. Feel free to pm me for a chat anytime (I'm in a radically different time zone and suffer insomnia). Fraternally Jers
  12. Jers

    When you give a nerd a beer, this is what happens.

    The guy is a legend!:cheers:  Thanks for posting - that clip made my morning! Fraternally Jers
  13. Jers


    Best of luck with the move Jim! I hope the whole process goes smoothly. Fraternally Jers
  14. Jers

    Wet shave rabbit hole. Oh, what the hell.....

    Yep - unlike pipes you can use the same razor every day. Good luck with the purchase PD. Fraternally Jers
  15. Jers

    freehand dublin

    Beauty!:cheers: :cheers:  You have real skill BC! Fraternally Jers
  16. Jers

    Wet shave rabbit hole. Oh, what the hell.....

    I use a Merkur 34C - and I've no hesitation in recommending it. Good weight and not too aggressive but will give a good clean shave every time for me. I also use a couple of vintage Gillette adjustable safety razors - the Merkur gives just as good a shave as them. I don't think you would be...
  17. Jers

    What are you smoking?

    Rattray's Old Gowrie in a Pete 03. Fraternally Jers
  18. Jers


    I'm so glad Fatman is ok. I was concerned for his well being. I'm still sorry to see John leave but very relieved he is in good health. Fraternally Jers
  19. Jers

    What are you smoking?

    :santa: Peterson's Holiday Season 2013 in a Pete 221. A nice change from all the non-aromatice I've been smoking lately. Really, really good room note - a winner with Mrs Jers!:cheers:  Fraternally Jers
  20. Jers

    It seems to have been an attack of opportunity...

    :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:  Fraternally Jers