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  1. PipeBrew

    The return

    Hello all. It's been way too long. I have a one year old boy, a new house, no internet, but I do have an iPhone, so I can finally rejoin the community. I feel vaguely like Odysseus.
  2. PipeBrew

    Hi all, it's been too long.

    I haven't been around in quite sometime, since Christmas time I suppose, but my son keeps me very busy. He's 5 months old and growing like a weed. Just figured I'd drop in and say hello and give an update.
  3. PipeBrew

    My Baby Boy

    On Nov. 20th at 07:56 (AM Eastern) my son Malachi Alexander was born via C-section. He was 9lbs 9oz and 21 3/4'' long. Here's his hospital pictures. I won't be posting as much since they blocked the site at work, but I'll do my best to stay in touch.
  4. PipeBrew

    My New Old Ashtray

    I found this at my grandparents' house and they let me have it. It's probably 20-30 years old, but still pretty cool. Sorry about the blurriness, I was in a hurry. If I am able to snap a couple of better pictures I'll put them up.
  5. PipeBrew

    Ha! Take that British Antis! Well, finally someone decided to give a big, smoky finger to the Antis.
  6. PipeBrew

    Herbal Blends

    Some may find this as blasphemy, but I am curious about herbal blends like Native Americans smoke, the legal ones. I have seen few different blends here and there online. I'd like to know if anyone here has tried these? If so, what's your opinion? I'm really interested in the blends that...
  7. PipeBrew

    I'm a father...or...will be...not sure which...

    I posted this on another forum and thought I would post it here as well. My wife and I found out Thursday afternoon that she is pregnant with our first child, finding this out has led me through odd strings of different emotions like having a large plate of different foods in front of you and...
  8. PipeBrew

    PipeBrew's not-so-impressive-rather-tiny Cellar

    Well, I feel like I'm back in the boy's locker room in high school, except I'm actually a little embarrassed because my "cellar" is very tiny, where as, in the locker room, I was very much in the average area. Opened Tins: C&D's Serenity Series Solace (1/3 Tin Left) Bayou Night...
  9. PipeBrew

    Looking at a few different pipes...

    I'm wanting to buy a new pipe and I'm looking at a couple of Jirsa pipes, a couple of Stanwells, a couple of Savinelli's, and a couple of Petersons. All in the $60-$80 price range. I would actually like to find something a bit cheaper, but I don't know about the quality of cheaper pipes other...
  10. PipeBrew


    Anyone here a writer? I enjoy writing poems, lyrics, I have a novel in progress, I am thinking of starting a screenplay, and I like to write short stories as well. :pipe: :farao:
  11. PipeBrew

    What's your favorite beer?

    This is a little more in depth than the thread title makes it seem. What is your favorite mass-distributed beer? What is your favorite beer? What is your favorite style of beer? Also, do you guys know where you can find local beers that are shipped nationwide, for instance, if a micro-brew...
  12. PipeBrew

    C&D's Solace from Santa

    Well, Santa was so generous as to leave this wondrous blend with me, amoung other wonderful gifts. My wife gave me a new H.I.S. pipe, not bad for the price IMO, reddish rusticated half-bent zulu-esque with lucite stem. To date, I have only smoked two bowls and this is my very first tobacco...
  13. PipeBrew

    Just an ignorant question

    Here at work I get about 15 minutes where I can go out for a smoke break, and I what pipe I could get that would be conducive to this situation. I could always fill one of my pipes around halfway, yet this can make lighting annoying, or I could just tamp out and relight later, but this seems to...
  14. PipeBrew


    I was informed of this board via KnoxCigar, figured I'd join up, seems like a cool place. I'm Leaves over at KnoxCigar and SonicBrewmeister over at ChristianPipeSmokers. :pipe: