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  1. Rail Man

    Viprati PAD

    I always like to check out local pipe and tobacco shops when traveling and on a recent business trip to Cleveland I stopped by the Robusto and Briar in the suburb of Lakewood. What a great shop with a huge lounge, and in addition to a lot of cigars they also have a very respectable stock of pipe...
  2. Rail Man

    Tinsky for the BOB Forum

    Anyone on the forum remember the pipe that was offered to members by Mark Tinsky? It was quite a while back, I seem to think it was 2007, and unfortunately I can’t remember who came up with the idea and put the work in to get Tinsky to offer it, and if I recall in three finishes, smooth, coral...
  3. Rail Man

    Great-granddad’s Meerschaum

    No one in my immediate family smoked a pipe but my great grandfather did and luckily the meerschaum was kept and eventually passed on to me. He was born in Austria in 1877 and immigrated with is parents in 1882 to western Wisconsin. As a young man he homesteaded in North Dakota where he stayed...
  4. Rail Man

    Small Flemming

    This past winter I picked up a little pipe from Marty Pulvers site stamped Flemming. It’s a little unclear whether it was made by Flemming Peterson (Flemming Piber) or another marque called Flemming (it’s stamped Flemming in script, Piben, Denmark). Regardless who made it it’s a well crafted...
  5. Rail Man

    New Old Stock Medico

    While looking around an antique store I came across an unsmoked Medico “Crest” bulldog, still with the “bite-proof” sticker on the bit, $10. Couldn’t pass that price up! I have no idea on the vintage, I suspect it’s not terribly old. From what little information I could find the Crest line was...
  6. Rail Man

    The Amphora Apple Project

    A short time back I picked up an Amphora apple at an antique store for $8. I’ve been looking for a cheap pipe to attempt a restore on and this fit the bill. The pipe wasn’t in too bad of shape to start with with mild oxidation on the stem, scratches around the bowl, a little faded stain, and...
  7. Rail Man

    Antique store disappointment

    I’m always looking for something special in antique store without much luck. Today was ALMOST an exception. A Rad Davis ($65) and an American (Tinsky) Black and Tan ($35). If they didn’t look like they had been run through a wood chipper I’d probably go for it, but there is so much damage to...
  8. Rail Man

    Neal Yarm RAD

    I’ve admired Neal Yarm’s unique pipe stands and I finally decided to take the plunge and get one to display some of my higher-end pipes (instead of the functional but not too pretty 2nd hand antique store racks I have otherwise). He does great work!
  9. Rail Man

    Well aged Cumberland

    I was able to purchase from a forum member a tin of Pease’s Cumberland with just shy of 14 years of age on it. I popped it open yesterday, and I have to say all that time in the tin has really done some amazing things to this blend! I’m not even really sure how to describe it there’s so much...
  10. Rail Man

    GL Pease on sale

    Just a heads up to everyone all GL Pease tobacco is currently 15% off at
  11. Rail Man

    Escudo on Sale

    Just a heads up, Escudo is currently on sale at smokingpipes through Nov 27 (I believe), 20% off. Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Rail Man

    Old German ad for “Kansas Mixture”

    A friend of mine was recently in Germany for his brother’s wedding and brought back a copy of a magazine called “hobby” (the magazine of technology) from 1961 which had this ad. It says “My friends smoke Kansas” and “Fine American leaf tobacco.” I got a laugh out of the three cowboys riding a...
  13. Rail Man

    Country Lawyer plus Perique

    I was intrigued by BriarWorks Country Lawyer, a cigar leaf blend with no Latakia! I liked it enough but seemed to be all treble with no bass. Latakia would be the obvious component to add some darkness but I wanted to avoid that. Kentucky was the next idea but the blend already contains a little...
  14. Rail Man

    Kajun Kake = Red Wine

    Anyone else have the experience that Kajun Kake pretty well tastes like a glass of dry, red wine that’s on the sweet side? I’ve smoked it in 3-4 different pipes to make sure it wasn’t just a characteristic of one particular pipe and got a similar taste from each. Not just a hint of wine but very...
  15. Rail Man

    Heinrichs and Reiner Tins for Long Term Storage

    I did some searching through old posts but didn’t come across this question, but I was curious if anyone had experience with long term aging of Heinrichs and Reiners tins. Specifically how well the Reiners “paint can” holds up long term and the 200g Heinrichs with the foil-like top. Debating...
  16. Rail Man

    Good TAD score in Montana

    Passing through Billings, MT, today I thought I’d stop in a local B&M to see if they had anything interesting, and they sure did! B&M markup but considering these are never in stock online anywhere anyway it was worth it.
  17. Rail Man

    McClelland Virginia in the Closet

    In the back of a closet I found a partially full mason jar of McClelland’s VA No. 27, according to my label it was from a 2006 tin and I put it in the jar in 2010. This is what a straight Virginia should taste like, it’s almost silky. And sweet! What a surprise to find this. It’s too bad when...
  18. Rail Man

    Le Nuvole PAD

    I’ve always liked the Le Nuvole blasts and apple shaped pipes, especially the “fallen prince.” This is not a fallen prince but a darn nice apple shape and had to jump on it when I came across it at Briar Blues, seems like these Le Nuvoles don’t come around much. It’s the lowest grade blast (S1)...
  19. Rail Man

    My Collection of Nordings

    I thought I'd share my collection of Nordings This first one was actually the first "good" briar I ever purchased (the first briar being a Dr. Grabow "Duke"), back in 2005 at a B&M in Moorhead, MN (which has since been turned into a car wash, no kidding, you can now have your car washed where...
  20. Rail Man

    Kent Nerburn

    Anyone read Kent Nerburn's amazing trilogy of Neither Wolf nor Dog, The Wolf at Twilight, and The Girl who Sang to the Buffalo? Neither Wolf nor Dog was first published in 1994 with The Girl being published in 2013. I stumbled on Neither Wolf nor Dog at a small town museum in South Dakota about...