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  1. Winslow

    Navy Flakes and Quality Rum

    I like Navy Flakes and rum flavored tobaccos,I got to thinking that the blenders probably don't use high quality rum,probably some artificial extract in most blends.So I took some Stokkeby Luxury Navy Flake and some Goslings Rum and followed these directions;after a few months of age I have a...
  2. Winslow

    Obama Pipe Auction Ends Tommorrow

    Heads up boys,P.B.,Justpipes,and whoever.....up for auction is a nice meer of the Pres. it starts at $44 and ends tommorrow. :shock: Winslow :twisted:
  3. Winslow

    Here's Looking At You

    I was gifted this refrigerator magnet at the Chicago Show in 2009.There was a poster that was supposed to be released but it didn't happen.I signed up to buy one but nothing came of it. I wanted a poster of this so bad for my mancave.....alas. :( Winslow :sunny:
  4. Winslow

    Rehydrating a Bowl

    I don't know where I read this lately but it really works,I tried it When you have filled a pipe and left it in the ashtray for too long without lighting it up,the tobacco gets dry,too dry sometimes. Your breath contains enough water vapor to rehydrate it,just blow several deep...
  5. Winslow

    Peterson Mark Twain Model Reissued

    Peterson has reissued a two pipe set of the Mark Twain Limited Edition; They will be available later this year from what I hear. MARK TWAIN COLLECTION - Samuel Langhorn Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, wasn't an Irishman, but Americas most famous author had a sharp tongue, he was...
  6. Winslow

    Puffing Technique

    Found myself having to use this to get my pipe going again as an alternative to relighting.Can't remember where I read about it,but it's very effective. Gently blow through the bit until you see smoke then cover the top of the bowl briefly with your finger[s] as you draw,release fingers and...
  7. Winslow

    Homeless in Virginia

    We made the big move from Illinois to Virginia last week.I'm staying in a hotel for a week until I move into the new house on Dec.7 [Pearl Harbor Day]. Should be hooked up to internet by Dec.10,see you boys then. 8) Winslow
  8. Winslow

    Winners of the Gumball Contest

    The number of gumballs was 137.I told Dock Perry before the contest was posted. Here are the winners based on earliest submissions; 1. Doc Manhatten 138 2.Shadrack 136 3.Clueless 135 4.Dover Pipes 134 5.Short Circuit 140 6.Trout Bum...
  9. Winslow

    Gumball Contest

    I am packing up my belongings for my move to Virginia at the end of the month. I have some pipes to give away along with some tobacco that are surplus and not worth it to put on E-Bay. Guess the number of gumballs in the glass,closest number over or under wins first choice,2nd closest wins...
  10. Winslow

    Nice Prices on High End Pipes

    This is worth a look guys; Winslow :sunny: And don't blame me for making you buy one!
  11. Winslow

    MacBaren Mixture Flake

    A few months ago I made a mistake and ordered a pound of this while really wanting a pound of Navy Flake.I snarled a bit and put it off to the side thinking I'd never smoke it. I smoked some the other day and it's quite good which made me go to Tobacco Reviews to see what was said of it.Mostly...
  12. Winslow

    I'm Retiring

    It's time to leave the Post Office and get out of Illinois.I've sold my house and found a place in Northern Virginia where I intend to live "Happily ever after". Leaving on my terms,not fired,laid off,or excessed.Kind of nice for a change.I will be off line for a while at the end of November...
  13. Winslow

    Hedges L260 Coffee Cup

    Soon to be a prized posession of Doc Manhattan; Winslow :sunny:
  14. Winslow

    Post Your Comments on Acadian Perique Here

    I have mailed out all the samples of MacBaren HH Acadian Perique this morning. Please post your reviews of this blend here on this thread so I can forward them to MacBaren after we get some feedback. :) Winslow :sunny:
  15. Winslow

    Free Samples of MacBaren's HH Acadian Perique

    If you would like a sample of the latest MacBaren HH,Acadian Perique then send me a PM with your shipping address.You will be sampled sometime in the next two weeks. MacBaren will be providing the tobacco and reimbursing me for postage I spend.There will be about 20-25 samples going out,first...
  16. Winslow

    Peterson's Perfect Plug

    A new tobacco from Peterson,anyone tried it yet? Winslow :sunny:
  17. Winslow

    Has Anyone Tried MacBaren HH Acadian Perique?

    Any reports on this new blend? Winslow :sunny:
  18. Winslow

    Preparing Flake Tobacco

    I got this in an e-mail today; There are many ways to prepare flake style pipe tobacco (pressed and sliced) for smoking ... here are a few. First you'll need a good flake pipe. A good flake pipe has a narrow, deep bowl. Preferably 5/8" - 3/4" diameter x 1"+ deep. The most basis way prepare the...
  19. Winslow

    Winner of the Contest

    The winning number was 188! First Prize winner;Andrew with 186 :cheers: Second Prize winner;Mikem with 182 :( Winners send me a PM with your address. :sunny: Winslow :sunny:
  20. Winslow

    House of Commons Snuffbox

    A floral-scented snuff called "English Rose" is provided for members of the British House of Commons at public expense due to smoking in the House being banned since 1693[1].A famous silver communal snuff box kept at the entrance of the House was destroyed in an air raid during World War II with...