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  1. puros_bran

    Ford Focus.

    Does anyone here own a 2012-2015 Ford Focus? Happy? Pissed off? Etc.. All the dealerships here are flooded with them, lease trade ins I guess. Just found out our second car is totaled due to a cracked head so I've started looking...
  2. puros_bran

    I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.

    Best friend that is. I'm a member of a defensive firearm forum. In a thread titled "Best Quote" I ran into this... "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it...
  3. puros_bran

    A good reloading store.

    Stumbled upon this little hole in the wall store that had more than everything I was looking for.  There may be better pricing out there if you hunt around, but you won't find a more knowledgeable sales clerk. Guy that owns the store is the guy behind the phone and the counter. I was so...
  4. puros_bran

    Another poll concerning a possible change.

    We also learned, from the same kindly gentleman, that it's possible to remove the list of pipes and tobaccos that appears under your avatar. This. photo sharing websites These list would still appear in your profile (where they belong) and would no longer create the gaps like this in the...
  5. puros_bran

    Attention: POSSIBLE forum changes; Your Opinion Needed.

    We admins/mods were shown by a kindly gentleman how to disable post counts.  Because we have always held that BoB is ran by the members we thought it best to run it by you folk.  We've also always held that a member is a member regardless of how much they post or how long they've been here, so...
  6. puros_bran

    Dont't open.

    You did anyway.. what a rebel. I tried to warn you. I never thought I'd say what I'm about to say.. Justin Timberlake just rocked my ears out, with the help of Chris, bit still. Wow. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"...
  7. puros_bran

    Another clear bottle full of black liquor.

    I listen to everything under the sun, but I think I gravitate to people with soul.. TTB, Church, Simpleton, and so forth and so on.   Everyone is currently trying to claim they 'discovered' this guy but he's been recording for almost 15 years (I think).  Anyway, Ireland meet Country, Country...
  8. puros_bran

    Steve Jobs.

    I was never a fan of the man but I found a funny glitch in one of the movies that are supposedly biographic. Minutes before the introduction of the iMac He supposedly told John Sculley he killed the Newton because of the stylus. Steves reasoning? When you are using a stylus you can't use the...
  9. puros_bran

    Perfection? Close enough.

    Sitting on the porch. Perfect night for it. I don't usually smoke outside but how can you not. The neighborhood was mowed yesterday. All the grass has that sweet smell, the one so many associate with Virginias. I could of went VaPer but instead just grabbed some burley. Don't even remember...
  10. puros_bran

    Eric Church.

    Any other Eric Church fans? How about Tedeshi Trucks band? I've said for a couple years I'd face the days of pain to get to go seem them. My wish sorta came about on Mister Misunderstood, not full blown but if Susan is allowed to take Ms Cottons place every now and then I'll be happy. Eric is...
  11. puros_bran

    The poll

    Please vote in my poll.. it's a test. But there's no grades.
  12. puros_bran


    Does anyone remember that Gay, YouTube,piper, had a thick accent, loved those giant Ardor? I'm blanking on his name. Smoked Northwoods all the time, well about as often as he was smoking an ardor. I think he lived in the Carolinas. I really liked his videos, but I've searched every...
  13. puros_bran

    Peter Stokkebye English Luxury Vs English Oriental Supreme.

    Some years back I made up my mind to lay in a stock of cheap 'Just In Case' tobacco. I bought 5lbs of one of these. Today I was enjoying some of the stash and I got to wondering... Does anyone has experience with them both? How different are they? I'm not naming which I have because if I've...
  14. puros_bran

    Ever wondered?

    What it would be like if Derek Trucks had fallen in love with a different guitar and a different woman?
  15. puros_bran

    Straight out of Compton.

    Great movie. It's the story of NWA. NWA was huge, So huge that their tapes were being played on school bus as they rolled up and down hollers in South East Kentucky. How do impoverished whites living in third world conditions come to listen to NWA? Simple, it was real, and it shrunk the...
  16. puros_bran

    Old Gifts.

    Sitting here smoking, halfway preparing a Sunday School lesson.. Got to thinking. The Bible, the rug, the pipe, the tobacco, the ashtray, the bullet tamper, and even the little book mark are all gifts I've received at various points from BoBers. I can remember where everything but the book...
  17. puros_bran

    World of Tanks.

    Any players in here?
  18. puros_bran

    Your Guitar.

    I'm a marginal at best guitar beginner.. I have been for 20-25 years. I just never had the time for practicing. I can strum a few chords and if it's slow can pick a little but I do not consider myself a guitarist.  I was a guitar collector at one point. Down through the years I divested myself...
  19. puros_bran

    JJ Grey.

    I've probably shared him before... Doesn't matter.  Spend 11 minutes listening this.. Soak it up and be thankful God gave you hearing. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe>
  20. puros_bran


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