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  1. Jers

    Thinking about getting a butler

    Household tasks have become something of a chore lately. Do any of you chaps have butlers? So long as he can mix a good martini....... Fraternally Jers
  2. Jers

    New Sherlock movie starring Gandalf...

    I think Sir Ian McKellen is a good fit for Holme's character. It might be a great movie - certainly closer to the original character than Robert Downie Junior's movies (which, although unique, were still enjoyable). Fraternally Jers
  3. Jers

    What are you smoking?

    Ogden's Gold Block in a Pete 408. Fraternally Jers
  4. Jers

    Peterson Special Reserve 2013

    I've just noticed that this year's Peterson's Special Reserve has been released - has anybody tried it yet? Any favourable (or otherwise) reviews available from the brothers? What about you Kyle? I am led to believe you are particularly fond of secret smoking the occasional aromatic. I...
  5. Jers


    An absolute gentleman - I highly recommend trading with Greyson. Top bloke. :cheers: :cheers: Fraternally Jers
  6. Jers


    I really enjoyed this - made me feel small, but in a good way! It's going to be alright. Fraternally Jers
  7. Jers

    Peterson Holiday Season 2012

    It seems early for a Christmas blend but its been released.... :santa: I'm going to try and acquire some on Monday. Fraternally Jers
  8. Jers

    RE: Murrays Yachtsman Navy Plug

    My brother very kindly gifted me this - any advice on the best / easiest way to prepare and smoke it would be much appreciated. It should be interesting..... Fraternally Jers
  9. Jers

    Rattray's Bagpiper's Dream

    I recently purchased Bagpiper's Dream with 4 other aromatic blends just to see if any of them caught my fancy. I'm having my first smoke of it now and I have to say that amongst the 5 tobacco blends this is the stand out winner! :D Has anybody else tried Bagpipers Dream? I'm sure I won't be...
  10. Jers

    Two new pipes for Jers

    Doh - I've finally worked out how to post photographs on the site so I can put up a couple of pictures of the 2 pipes I recently acquired. The first pipe, a Parker (believed to be from the 1950's), was bought following some great advice from several brothers (Ye Olde Pipe Rack: Dunhill Factory...
  11. Jers

    Pipe cleaning gone wrong

    I recently acquired my first estate pipe, a 1950's Parker. Intending that the pipe was properly sanitised I ordered a Denicare cleaningkit (containing Denicare mouthpiece polish, briar polish and a small bottle of Deniclean solution). I cleaned the Parker and as I made such a good job of it...
  12. Jers

    Dunhill Factory made Parker pipes

    Hi guys, I'm thinking of a Dunhill shell straight billiard as my next purchase, however never having owned a straight pipe I thought that one of these Parker pipes might be an inexpensive way to see if I get on with a straight pipe, before committing to the purchase of a Dunhill. I can't post...
  13. Jers

    Hi from Ireland

    Hi guys - I thought I would take the time to say hello and whilst introducing myself take the opportunity to pick your brains. I have recently retired and in working my way through a bucket list took up pipe smoking and.....I love it, love it, love it! I've enjoyed every second of smoking my...