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  1. beeman86

    Deleting/editing posts

    For personal reasons I'd like to delete or in other cases edit some of my older posts. With the old format I'm sure there was a way to do this but I don't see how here. Can anyone advise?
  2. beeman86

    A Peterson/Squadron Leader kind of day

    Happy New Year Brothers of Briar! This winter I have been unusually stuff, some stress, some changes etc and I had gotten into a bit of a rut. I was pacing around this morning and Mrs Beeman told me I should get out for a walk. Being the obedient husband that I am  :roll:  I...
  3. beeman86

    New to me pipe rack

    My son found this at an antique store near where he lives and gave it to me for Christmas. It's on a lazy susan too which is awesome! I can get 12 more pipes out of the box!
  4. beeman86

    Phillip Trypis - a recollection

    When I got into pipe smoking and bought my first pipe, (at least my first as an adult that I didn't try to hide from my parents), I got it from Phillip Trypis whose name is known to most here I expect as a former carver for Brigham pipes back in their heyday. At this time Phillip's health was in...
  5. beeman86

    Petersons Outdoor pipes

    Hey BoB's, I was thinking of getting one of the Peterson's little Outdoor series pipes - specifically the bent model 65. Anyone smoked one? Are they so short the smoke goes up your nose?
  6. beeman86

    Thinking about Dad's been a good few days visiting with my son in Ottawa, but there's been a touch of melancholy also. A few days ago was the 5th anniversary of my Dad's passing - just shy of 92. He was an architect, an RAF navigator who flew in operation Market Garden. He was most of all an example of...
  7. beeman86

    How did you spend the first day of 2019?

    So, the new year has begun! Happy New Year to all Bob's! I'm not one for reflecting on the previous year per se or for making New Years resolutions. 2018 however had so many challenges, both good and not so good. Yesterday my wife and I ended up in a fruitful and yet at times difficult talk...
  8. beeman86

    Storing Open Tobacco

    In my quest to find a new favorite tobacco after my old one became no longer available, I ordered several brands. Of course, now I have several opened tins. What is the best way to store them now? I have put them in sealer jars but some of the jars are only half  filled. Will this tobacco keep...
  9. beeman86

    Smokin in the bee yard

    Sometimes it's enough to sit a while in the bee yard to have your soul refreshed - and that's just what I needed the other evening. With the season all but done, I sat quietly contemplating the past 5 months of bee work while watching the day come to a close. I filled my Phyllip Trypis bent...
  10. beeman86

    McClellands Blackwoods Flake

    I was dismayed to learn months too late that McClelland had closed up shop. Being an occasional piper my tobacco supply lasts awhile. Soooooo, is there anyone who might have some Blackwoods Flake they'd be wiling to part with while I search for a new favorite??
  11. beeman86

    Charles Sharp -Pipe MD

    Does anyone know Charles Sharp of Pipes MD? I bought a pipe off him once about 8 years ago and quite enjoyed it but I see his email and website no longer work. Does anyone know if he is still active?
  12. beeman86

    Gillette Fatboy

    Ok, firstly, Ican't believe it's been over a year since I posted or I think even logged in. Who says retirement would be slow? Ha! Anyway.... I'll post a pic later but I couldn't wait to boast about my find:bounce: .....a new old stock Gillette Fatboy razor in the original box with extra...
  13. beeman86

    Did something change re posting a photo?

    Did something changed last month it seems in the way we can post photos? I can't seem to do it anymore. Is there a post on how to do it the new way?
  14. beeman86

    Renovation of my 1940 kitchen

    Ok, so after retiring and moving north to an old but renovated farm house I started in early February to renovate the only room that wasn't done - the kitchen. I'll try to recall how to add some photos. Construction isn't my forte but I'm good at breaking things. So I got busy pulling things...
  15. beeman86

    Trout season opens in 4 days!

    I know in some states it's already open but here in s. Ontario, Brook Trout opens on April 24, followed by Turkey on April 27. Having just retired I'm really looking forward to this year. I always made hunting a priority bt now I can get back to fly fishing too! Yeehaw, can't sit still...
  16. beeman86

    Old St. Bruno advert

    Hi, My mom just told me that in the mid to late 1950's her cousin in Britain was an actor in T.V advertisements for St. Bruno tobacco. I haven't done a thorough internet search yet to see if there are any copy ads featuring him. In the commercial he is walking in the British country side with...
  17. beeman86

    Let's see some pipe tampers

    I've used every thing from a stick to a 30-06 cartridge, (a spent one of course! :bom: ). I decided a while back to make my own from a deer brow tine and a spent rifle cartridge. The pipe in the photo was made by Charles Sharp. I really like it but I've lost his contact info a few years ago...
  18. beeman86

    Smokin at the moose camp

    There is something about being miles away from nowhere in the outdoors that makes me crave a pipe and scotch, (or beer). It's so contemplative! So, I was enjoying a nice bowl of McClelland's Blackwoods Flake at the moose camp when I looked over my the fire pit and noticed this log -  I'll let...
  19. beeman86

    Found two old open tins of baccy - reclamation?

    I was going through my ammo cupboard which also hold my tobacco and found buried a tin of C&D Three Friars and a tin of C&D Pegasus. Both were opened 5 years ago and now are dry as dust. I don't even remember if I liked them as I probably only had one bowl before putting the lid back on and...
  20. beeman86

    Hangin' up the uniform

    Well, it's time. After what will be 28 1/2 years of policing I will be retiring May 31 2015....and I can't wait! I'll sure miss my platoon mates - we have a ball and laugh a lot  - but I wont miss the work and the shifts. My wife and family have sacrificed a lot in the way of me missing...