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  1. GrampaGrossbart

    Pipe Wanted WTB/WTT Ferndown

    Longest of long shots but after years of failing to find one in the wild figured I’d cast my net here: I’m looking for a Ferndown Bark bulldog or Rhodesian with silver band and a Cumberland stem. Love how they look so it’s been one of my bucket list pipes for a long time, but then I picked up my...
  2. GrampaGrossbart

    The Beast at P&C

    C&D’s the Beast is one of my favorite blends but they’ve only produced two batches of it for general retail, so far as I know. So imagine my surprise to see it show up in stock on P&C yesterday when I went to pick up those new Cascadia plugs. They still have a few if any other perique lovers are...
  3. GrampaGrossbart

    Mac Baren Burley London Blend Back at SP

    Mac Baren has resurrected another limited batch of Burley London Blend over at smokingpipes: Mac Baren Burley: London Blend 3.5oz | Buy Mac Baren Pipe Tobacco at Smokingpipes Was hoping to also pick up Pease’s new Windjammer but looks like that won’t drop until next week and don’t imagine this...
  4. GrampaGrossbart

    The Return of Kingfisher

    Exciting news, brethren--Germain is once again making Butera's Kingfisher! Haven't found any myself but talked to a couple B&M's who received and (of course) immediately sold out of it. It's now in a circular tin but still has the original rectangular label clumsily stuck on it haha. Happy...
  5. GrampaGrossbart

    Forever Stems at Vermont Freehand

    I know a lot of folks are also bummed that Walker Briar Works shut their doors, but here's some good news for anyone lamenting the loss of their cob-friendly Forever Stems--Vermont Freehand has picked up the torch.
  6. GrampaGrossbart

    23rd Annual Raleigh Pipe Show April 3 & 4, 2020

    Y’all! It’s almost time for the 23rd Annual Raleigh Pipe and Tobacciana Expo! This event will be epic and I hope I get to see some of you there—chime in in the comments and we can arrange a meet-up on premises. Some of this year’s highlights: —Pipe carving workshop with David Huber and John...
  7. GrampaGrossbart

    Watch City's Xmas Ozark Wizard!

    Now this is seriously cool--our own Ozark Wizard created this year's holiday blend for Watch City Cigars! Way to go, Ozzie, can't wait to try this! There's a fellow in the Ozarks of Missouri who is a master at making smooth as silk blends with components that normally would be considered harsh...
  8. GrampaGrossbart

    Jesse Jones Halloween Pipe

    Received Jesse’s Halloween 2019 pipe, a one of a kind beauty inspired by good old Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. The artistry of this is just breathtaking, and it’s light as a ghost. I’ll treasure this for the duration. Thanks again, Oceleot55!
  9. GrampaGrossbart

    TAPS meet-up at Fullsteam Brewing in Durham this Sunday

    I’m going—are you? Sounds like a fun time, just drop the TAPS peeps an email RSVP if you want to take the brewery tour at 2pm: You are invited to join your fellow Club Members for fun and interesting tour of Fullsteam's Brewery operations followed by the fellowship of a pipe with friends. This...
  10. GrampaGrossbart

    NC Triangle Area Pipe Smokers Meet-up: Sunday June 23

    I've been way down periscope for a while, but am looking forward to resurfacing at this weekend's meeting of the Triangle Area Pipe Smokers club. It starts at 2PM on Sunday the 23rd, and will be held at the Apex Cigar Lounge (BYOB). This month's theme is all about flakes, so if anyone's curious...
  11. GrampaGrossbart

    NC Triangle Area Pipe Smokers Meet-up: February 10, 2018

    Calling all NC Brethren of the Briar! The last couple times I planned on attending the monthly meet-up of the Triangle Area Pipe Smokers I ended up getting snowed out, but this weekend is looking good. It's going to be held tomorrow, February 10th, at 2PM at the Raleigh Elks Lodge #735. Here's...
  12. GrampaGrossbart

    NC Triangle Area Pipe Smokers Meet-up: December 9, 2018

    Just relocated to NC and looking forward to attending my first meeting of the Triangle Area Pipe Smokers club! Know there are a few BOB members in the area, too, so this could be a great time to meet in meatspace if y'all are able. It's going to be held next Sunday, the 9th, at 2PM at the...
  13. GrampaGrossbart

    1792 MIA?

    What gives?! Just looked around online and 1792 is out of stock everywhere—I thought I was in the tiny minority of folks who love it but apparently not! Really hoping this is just a short term shortage and it hasn’t gone on the endangered species list. Anyone got any intel?
  14. GrampaGrossbart

    Pipes for Sale: Dunhill Patent, Bjarne, Sav, Pete & More

    I've got a big move coming up and am using this opportunity to thin the herd--if I'm going to ship pipes across the country that I never smoke, I might as well ship them to you! Unless otherwise noted these are in well-loved but smoked condition--some I just don't reach for anymore, and others I...
  15. GrampaGrossbart

    Big Move

    Have a pretty major transition coming up that will no doubt keep me off the grid for a sizeable stretch--I'm moving to North Carolina at the end of the month. Have a ton to do between now and then, and will be roadtripping to boot, but can't wait to be back down south and be closer to family and...
  16. GrampaGrossbart


    Came back from a training exercise in the mountains to discover a mysterious package waiting for me. Like a greenie I opened it up and the damn thing went off if my face—a retaliatory strike from Kaitlyn3837: Thanks so much, Kaitlyn, I’ve had and dug the LFD and KFC and the other two are new...
  17. GrampaGrossbart

    Montana or Idaho Better for Tobacco & Hooch?

    Traveling through MT and ID and curious if folks have first hand experience buying pipe tobacco and/or whiskey in either state. Looked up the tax situation online but that didn’t shed much light on what stuff generally costs you out the door—MT doesn’t do sales tax, for example, but their rates...
  18. GrampaGrossbart

    K&K Releasing Dunhill Match Blends

    For those concerned about the imminent demise of Dunhill pipe tobacco, it sure looks like Kohlhase and Kopp has you covered with their new line of Robert McConnell Heritage Blends. However they taste, some of the names are definitely good for a laugh!
  19. GrampaGrossbart

    End of Tax Free Online Shopping

    Not strictly a tobacco issue, obviously, but one the will undoubtably be felt by the community: the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of allowing states to collect sales tax from out-of-state etailers.
  20. GrampaGrossbart

    Seattle Pipe Club Meeting Today (6/13/2018)

    It's that time again: the monthly meeting of the Seattle Pipe Club. Same bat-time, same bat-channel: down at Smoky Joe's in Fife, from mid-afternoon til 9 or so, free to the public, and all are welcome. Come on down and I'll chew on a dog!