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  1. klause

    RD Pipes - Nose-Warmer Bulldog

    I’ve been collecting and smoking pipes for just over 35 years, and in that time I managed to amass quite a sizable collection that ranged far and wide, across time, brands and individual carvers. Last year I had a minor epiphany resulting in a purge, to say the least, and I sold the bulk of my...
  2. klause


    So, I didn't have a tamper that I felt was up to being used with, or even being seen in the same vicinity as my Briar Spirit pipe.  And, I actually didn't have one that could really reach all the way down the chamber with ease, or fit the bore of the pipe comfortably. So, inspired by Kirks...
  3. klause

    Cobs and navy flake

    I've just mooched home from work, driving through a snow storm (Irish style), on a cold and dark afternoon, being glowered at by some seriously foreboding clouds, and feeling pretty ambivalent about things. I pulled into my home (my '73 beetle had been playing up on my rounds today), with a...
  4. klause

    Intoxicating a Plug

    Morning All, In work and a little bored - alleviating the disinterest by thinking about my stash. A thought just came to me about a post i read in a thread somewhere concerning a fella who was adding Rum to some flakes he was cellaring. As the mind wanders i was thinking about the...
  5. klause

    Balkan Sobranie Smoking Mixture - my thoughts

    So here goes, my first ever tobacco review. As you know, I managed to get my mitts on some Balkan Sobranie Smoking Mixture that's about 30 odd years old. Originally I had planned to try this next Saturday, but, even though I am a patient chap, usually, events conspired against me today and I...
  6. klause

    Balkan Sobraine Smoking Mixture

    (can't find my original thread on this, so starting again). I picked up this old unopened tin in September in an antique shop on a visit to England, for the princely sum of £8. It was one of those, 'I don't believe it!' moments. paid, and literally legged it out of the shop. Anyway, i...
  7. klause

    Balkan sobranie smoking mixture

    Evening all, I scored an unopened, contents still inside, tin of this stuff today. It's not the usual flat tin, but a tall tin, like this one: Unfortunately...
  8. klause

    Evening all, from rain-sodden Ireland

    Evening all, Decided it was time to join up after being a lurker for a while. Been a pipe smoker for quite a while now, more seriously in recent years. I've developed a serious case of PAD and TAD, and consequently, to soften the financial blow, I've been trying my hand at pipe restoration...