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  1. eggman

    A tea bomb

    Very nice assortment of tea. BH set you up right. By the way that tamper in the center looks great
  2. eggman

    I feel in good company

    Welcome to the madness.
  3. eggman

    American Made Boots

    Darn it after looking at those sites I really want a pair of red wings chukka boots.
  4. eggman

    Interracial marriage in the United States

    It sure has I used to really like it. i watched a few minutes of the blacklist this evening. I just couldn’t get into i.
  5. eggman

    The Academy Awards 4/25/2021

    I don't watch those so-called awards shows. They spew more haterganda than a European war machine. I live a couple of hours west of Nashville. The CMA’s used to be held there. Not anymore they moved out west. And now they're no better than the rest of the award shows. I watch the local news...
  6. eggman

    Favorite Funny Lines From TV ShowsPinky and the Brain

    It's a good cartoon wasted on children ha ha Pinkie: What are we going to do tonight Brain? Brain: The same thing we do every night Pinkie take over the world!
  7. eggman

    What movie are you watching?

    I remember my parents taking my brother and me to the movies to see this.
  8. eggman

    Yes...all Star Wars “sound effects” were done using a bird?

    I wonder how quickly my wife and her dog would get annoyed if I brought one of those home? Could be worth it!
  9. eggman

    Tony Bennett

    Tony performed in Memphis at the Orpheum about 5or 6 years ago. The concert was a week before Christmas that year and the same night as my in-laws gathering. Well, I'm still married so you can guess who I missed.
  10. eggman

    From My Brother, Moments Ago

    Hahaha, that's pretty good
  11. eggman

    Just scored...

    Carter Hall is a great blend. I scored some in a bombing run a long while back. I haven't seen the tubs around here in several years
  12. eggman

    An Analysis of Pipe Filters

    I tried the filters once. I believe they were paper type in whatever pipe I had at the time. I absolutely hated them.
  13. eggman

    Cameroon wrapper advice

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........fuente. I say drooling like homer Simpson. Fuentes with Cameron wrapping are awesome. Just slow down and take it easy. Just like your first date with your second cousin in the bed of a pickup truck.
  14. eggman

    HP 6530b laptop

    I have an older HP 6530b laptop I've owned for around 5 or 6 years. I bought it pretty cheap and to get used to win7. I was trying to wean myself off of a 15-year-old dell XP desktop. I loved XP and 98se before that. I just didn’t like win7 that much. I only used it for ham radio stuff. I used...
  15. eggman

    Selling your McClelland's?

    Holly bat sh*t Batman.! The frog prices are crazy. I have a tin of frog from 1996. I need to insure that. All the early 2000’s Dunhill tins, various frog tins, red ribbon tins and other McClellan tins I could get a nice vintage colt detective or Walther pistol. From my cold dead hands, is the...
  16. eggman

    Bummed Part II - repair shop list

    Well darn I saw this post. That's an awesome looking pen.
  17. eggman

    New Album

    Timbo some great stuff. When I started listening to it made me think of Floyds wish you here album. Then I, Robot from Allen Parsons project with hi ts of 2112 from rush. Then I realized I was flying around in a late 70’s trans am with a girl in a while cowboy hat. And she took me to a place...
  18. eggman

    Do you recognize the riff?

    Is it indagardadavita? Awesome bass lines in it?
  19. eggman

    Your Special Hunting & Fishing Trip Photos

    I don't think I've ever drank enough to try and mount a squirrel lol
  20. eggman

    A nice view.

    Damn back in ‘71? That was a great year.