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  1. Trout Bum

    Television and Toddlers

    Howdy, pipesters. Question: how much TV do you let your little one(s) watch? How much is too much? There's a lot of debate/research on the web about this topic, I just thought I would pose the question to the dads on this board. My 17 month old daughter sits there spellbound, watching the kiddy...
  2. Trout Bum

    iPhone Owners: Let's Hear It!

    Howdy, gents. Got my wife an iPhone 4 for Christmas. I started fooling around with it last night. Two hours later it was two in the morning! I can sum it up this way: I get it. But. Here are some questions: iPhone: - Do you recommend it? List some pros/cons of owning one. - I find it very...
  3. Trout Bum

    The Dumbest Question Ever

    Howdy, gents. Okay, without further ado, here it is: If I smoke a stogie in my car (window open maybe a few inches, it's below zero), will it stink for days on end? Or is it no big deal, as I find with the majority of my pipe tobaccos? I get off work late tonight, then have to drive about an...
  4. Trout Bum

    newb questions

    Okay, I like cigars; I know next to nothing about them. I do know that at the right place, right time, a good cigar cannot be beat. I am looking to start getting some stogies to try, but I have a VERY limited budget... Questions: Do I HAVE to have a humidor? Are there other methods of storage...
  5. Trout Bum

    Changing tastes?

    Strange. I am becoming concerned. For the last month or more, I have started to really not like blends with more than average perique. It started slowly with just finding less satisfaction, and has gradually progressed to outright not enjoying it. Today, I dumped out a bowl of Bayou Morning...
  6. Trout Bum

    Happy Birthday to pipe dreamer and Zero Content!

    Gentlemen, best birthday wishes from the great white North! May your day be filled with wispy clouds of your favorite blends, punctuated by mirth and some good cheer to boot!
  7. Trout Bum

    Musings and madness regarding Solani 633

    Not a review, just some impressions: I am a big fan of vapers. Faves: Escudo, Luxury Navy Flake, Scottish Cake(probably my all time favorite), Haddo's (okay, maybe not technically a vaper, but TASTY!) and Fillmore. Oh ya, plus St. James Woods and Marlin Flake! That said, I have been sitting on...
  8. Trout Bum


    Greetings, fellow pipesters. Ok, I know this has probably been addressed ad nauseum, but I did a quick check and did not find what I was looking for. So... I know there are a myriad of ways to store tobaccos. I generally do not jar my tobaccos for serious long term storage; I just keep it in...
  9. Trout Bum

    Low Country Waccamaw

    I have a new tin of this, unopened. Trying to decide weather to cellar it or just pop the top. Any brothers out there familiar with this one? If so, if you could post your impressions I would be most appreciative. Thanks in advance, TB
  10. Trout Bum

    Happy Birthday to Blackhorse!

    Happy Birthday, Brotha! May all your smokes be long, cool, and require but a single light. Enjoy your day!
  11. Trout Bum

    Encounter With A Pipester

    So, there I was, walking my dog after a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. It was snowing softly, as it had been all day. Winter wonderland in a post turkey haze... I was walking up the street, shuffling quietly through a foot of fresh snow, and there, right in front of me...
  12. Trout Bum

    McClelland's St James Woods

    Howdy, fellow imbibers! Just working through my first tin... a most excellent va/per, IMHO. Spicy but smooth, nice sweet finish. Lots of subtlety and nuance in this one. I am starting to think it just might be "the one!" Question: is 2015 the bulk version? I have not tried it, but I seem to...
  13. Trout Bum

    Question regarding PM's

    Howdy, folks. Just a quick question: If you have messages in the "Sentbox," then obviously, they were "sent." However, if you have messages that you tried to send, but instead ended up in the "Outbox," well, what does that mean? Did they go out? Or are they in limbo? What's the difference...
  14. Trout Bum

    Happy B-day to Midnight Blues and Confidence Cohen!

    Happy Birthday, gentlemen!
  15. Trout Bum

    Moose Encounter with Coffee and Pipe

    Greetings, fellow Pipers... I opened up the back door this morning to go out and enjoy a morning cup of joe and a pipe... this moose calf was there to greet me! The calf wandered over to the rest of the family and proceeded to hang around. They are still bedded down out there after more...
  16. Trout Bum

    All Busted Up

    Howdy, fellas. Haven't posted in a while, mainly due to the fact that I am in MASSIVE PAIN. I hate to admit this, but I am a 41-year-old longboarder. NOT skate boarder; those are little toys for kids. My longboard is over three feet long with over-sized trucks and wheels -- I regularly carve...
  17. Trout Bum

    Northern Images, As If From A Dream

    These are some pics from the incredible trip I just took to remote and wild Alaska. Shot from the plane going through Lake Clark Pass Another dreamy Lake Clark Pass shot (goes through the Alaska Range) Shot of the interior of Phil's hunting cabin (father in law, Alaskan bush pilot and...
  18. Trout Bum

    AK fishing report

    Howdy gents... Well, I appear to be having difficulty uploading photos, so no pics right now. However, the fishing expedition to remote Western Alaska was... EPIC. Highlights: remote rustic cabins, campfires with pipes, 3:00 AM with a (real) Cuban stogie, three foot trophy pike, lots of grayling...
  19. Trout Bum

    Update from TB

    What up, fellow pipers? I have been WICKED busy, haven't had time to post... but I have been lurking, so to speak. Here's the latest: - got married to a wonderful women (who supports pipe smoking and lets me smoke in the garage, plus she buys me tobacco and stuff) on an island in the middle of...
  20. Trout Bum

    Happy Mother's Day!!

    Alrighty then: To all the mommas of the Brothers of Briar: Happy Mother's Day!! To all the moms of the kids of the Brothers: Happy Mother's Day!! (You'd better make her an omelet, boys) Somebody had to do it...