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  1. SailorJack

    Park Lane Tobacconist??

    Just found this B&M online. Is anybody familiar with them? Look at their house blends. Some of the descriptions sound very inviting.
  2. SailorJack

    What are listening to?

    One category that is missing here is 'What Are You Listening To?'. I am curious to learn everybody's musical tastes. I'll bet it's pretty diverse and interesting. I'm really into a progressive rock bank called Porcupine Tree. They have been around since 1987 but I have only recently discovered...
  3. SailorJack

    Sweet and Strong?

    As I get up in years I like many start to develop a bit of a sweet tooth. I am looking for a blend that has a decent amount of natural sweetness about it and a goodly amount of strength at the same time. Please give me your recommendations.
  4. SailorJack

    Yard work Smoke?

    Wanted to know what everybody's favorite blends are while you are doing yard work or such mindless chores and don't have time to really concentrate on what you are smoking? What is your kick around smoke? I like to puff on a bowl full of simple Burley such as Sugar Barrel or McClelland's...
  5. SailorJack

    Recommendation Needed

    I smoke mainly Virginias. They are generally low on the nic meter. That's usually the way I like it but I am thinking that I would like to find something for those times when I need to sweep away the cobwebs. I want a noticeable amount of Ol' St. Nic but not overbearing. On the old 1 to 10...
  6. SailorJack

    Smokers Forums Inception

    You'll find this tobacco at 4noggins in the bulk section under the Smokers Forums blends. It was developed for them by B&B Tobacconists. It is a mixture of Red Virginias, Turkish, Toasted Cavendish, and a touch of Kentucky Burley. The description sounded right up my alley so I sprung for 8oz...
  7. SailorJack

    Stokkebye Long Cut Virginia

    I'm am not going into any long dissertation here. You can read my review at TR. This is a soft, tasty Virginia with no additives and with absolutely no bite. A perfect warm weather blend. No major flavor explosion, complexity or big nicotine hit. I've had Gawith's Medium Virginia Flake and this...
  8. SailorJack

    Good Bulk Oriental???

    Was wondering if anybody knows of any inexpensive bulk Oriental mixtures where the Orientals take center stage with the Latakia only playing in the backround or not present at all. I love the incense-like aroma of those macedonian type tobaccos. My favorite is CAO's Midnight Ride but it is only...
  9. SailorJack

    Finck's Golden Cavendish

    Most people on this site have a tendency to review high end, expensive tinned tobaccos. I am sure that there are others such as my self whose budget doesn't allow then to smoke G.L. Pease , SG, etc. except on rare occasions. In that vain I give you Finck's Golden Cavendish. I just had a death...
  10. SailorJack

    In Praise of Small Pipes!!!

    I was smoking a small bowled Stanwell last evening when it occurred to me that no matter which tobacco I put in it they all smoked good. That seems to be the case with most of my smaller pipes. We all get so hung up on these monster free hands and the like that we forget the joys of the oft...
  11. SailorJack

    SailorJack ONBOARD!!!

    Greetings Gents, I just happened to run into this site today while doing some searches. I signed on immediately. Is this site new? Well I am a 54 yr. old Merchant Mariner from New Jersey. I have smoked a pipe on and off for more than 30 yrs. I went through an affair with cigars for...