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  1. Sasquatch

    FishnBanjo Memorial?

    It looks like our friend has passed, possibly a re-name of this part of the forum would be appropriate? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  2. Sasquatch

    A Date With King Charles

    One of the things that I like to do is order tobaccos that no one seems to like over much, and see if they are actually crappy or if I can coax them to life. Not just any tobacco though - there truly are too many absolutely mundane or low quality blends that I'm not going to necromance -...
  3. Sasquatch

    Sasquatch's Crappy Pipe Challenge.

    I'm talking all kinds of crap in a few other threads and on a few other boards. Here's the sting. I want someone to send me a hopeless pipe. I want a pipe that smokes hot and wet, a pipe that consistently underperforms. This must be a pipe from a substantial enough collection to be...
  4. Sasquatch

    Making of the Monster - Kaiser83's Group 747 Magnum

    Kaiser came to me a few months ago, and he said "I want a really big pipe." "Okay," says I, "I make big pipes pretty often." "Nonono," says Kaiser, "a REALLY big pipe." "How big?" says I. "How big can you make it?" says Kaiser. "Ah." says I. THAT big. THAT big can be...
  5. Sasquatch

    Pipe making fly-by

    I took a few pix as I went along on this one - just enough to kind of show the process that my 100 year old virgin-harvested fossilized petrified and in many other ways completely and unusually superior briar is.... wait, what was I talking about? Anyway, I made a pipe, you can follow along in...
  6. Sasquatch

    Slow Puffs to the front desk please

    for parcel pickup. When Slow Puffs orders a pipe it gets made that day cuz he's so old he might forget by tomorrow. Luckily he's signed a contract with witnesses for a "Pipe of the Month Club" for the rest of his life! :cheers: Anyway, more fossilized Loch Ness Monster bone was located...
  7. Sasquatch


    Smoking kingfisher for the first time today. I like it. Just sweet enough, and has some interesting flavors. But it's getting hard to come by. Anybody got a substitute? Va/Burley/Periqe.... Mac Baren Roll Cake is a little similar, but only a little.
  8. Sasquatch

    McClelland "Legends"

    Oh my. I have two "happy places" in the world of pipe smoking. My soft spot for those crazy almost-aromatic Danish spun-cut tobaccos is well known. Lesser known is my deep and abiding love for oriental blends and well-crafted light English mixtures. I'm a Presbyterian man. Have been for a...
  9. Sasquatch

    Randy Wiley

    Good Briar. Check. Comfortable stem. Check. Good Mechanics. Check Oil Cured. Check. This guy makes a very good smoking pipe at a very reasonable price. I'm not going to say that the shapes will appeal to everyone, nor that the freehands are "high grade" in their execution. But for...
  10. Sasquatch

    Meer experts...

    Received what I believe to be an african meerschaum - the honey colored kind with the factory darkened rim and a sort of rusticated surface. I am assuming Manx Meerschaum. Marking on stummel is a clear LT possibly a disfigured B a space in front. Mouthpiece is something like a p-lip. Speak...
  11. Sasquatch

    Blatant Self-Promotion Thread

    Yes, it's true, I make pipes. Been doing it for about a year now, I guess. Absolutely addicted. So here's a few pics of some of the stuff I've done, and some bits and pieces currently in the shop. I absolutely love talking pipes, and I think I'm at a stage now where I can answer fairly...
  12. Sasquatch

    Mullingar's Moyhall Oriental Blend

    Tins says Republic of Ireland. What the hell am I smoking, and why is it so good?
  13. Sasquatch

    Brush up your German - it's worth it Great site full of all kinds of beautiful pipes and accessories. I just ordered some stems from them, and they arrived no problem, with all kinds of catalogs, a chocolate, and a pipe tool. These guys...
  14. Sasquatch

    Chacom - down the drain.

    For the first time in a long while, I bought a factory pipe the other day. It's the high-end model of a Chacom 214, a hungarian. I like the shape well enough to want to copy it, so I thought I'd grab the pipe. The hand cut stem is done pretty shabbily, and the finish on the briar is really...
  15. Sasquatch

    Presbyterian Mixture

    Well. This is a review of the current incarnation (Made in EU) - the plastic baggied stuff. My memory of the UK produced stuff definitely clouds my impressions, but I'll try not to be one of those "Oh they've wrecked it!" harbingers of past glories. Presentation: loose cut mixture, eccentric...
  16. Sasquatch

    McClelland Virginia Woods

    This is a tin with very little age on it - maybe six months. Tin note has the typical fermented/acetic smell so common with Virginias and especially with McClelland. A sweet, sharp tobacco, like Red Rapparee oddly enough, but without the oriental depths. The cut is eccentric, ribbons...
  17. Sasquatch

    Dark Twist - whatever it is, I like it.

    I'm going to post this in the review section, rather than the Tobacco Jar, because I do intend to offer a review. But I'd like to tie this in to Puff Daddy's "Dark Side" thread there, and particularly Aaron's plight (which is a common one) of being enticed by elements of aromatic tobaccos, but...
  18. Sasquatch

    How pipes get born (around here)

    I'm sure details vary greatly, but I thought it might be fun for you guys to see how a pipe goes from chunk of wood to finished pipe. In this pic, I've got the appropriate piece selected (trying to make a rather classic "pot") and have started to cut it down a bit, making sure the grain is good...
  19. Sasquatch

    I treat it like crap, and it wasn't real expensive, but...

    I can jam any tobacco at any moisture level into my Peterson 303 System and it will give me a perfect smoke. Crazy good little pipe. What's yers?
  20. Sasquatch

    New oldie

    I sent some tobacco samples to a newer brother here, and he dropped this bomb (and a Peterson 317) in my mailbox. Thing is huge. It's an old Stanwell prestige, dating from the late 60s or very early seventies. Condition is 9.5/10. I usually have my pipes beat up worse before I even own em.