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  1. leonardbill1

    WTT McClelland Across the Pond for McClelland No. 22 Virginia

    100g tin for 100g tin. Liking trades better than supporting crazy high prices.
  2. leonardbill1

    Fight'n Hampsters FVF

    Very quick and smooth transaction on the FVF that's on the Trading Post. I think that it's one of the best deals out there given the prices on aged VA these days. Thanks!
  3. leonardbill1

    Alternatives to FB and eBay?

    With Facebook and eBay now actively shutting down pipe tobacco sales and trades, and understanding that the Trading Post is available to this group, are there any other internet avenues for pipe tobacco sales and trades that you know of?
  4. leonardbill1

    Jose Rubio Pipes

    Anybody have one and if so how does it smoke? The photos on FB are beautiful.
  5. leonardbill1

    Source for Vaporette?

    Anybody seen these small water vial humidifiers for sale recently? I searched the internet and all that I found was the link below to Smokers Haven which shows them being out of stock. It has been a long time since I purchased any, so I assume that they are no longer being produced and the only...
  6. leonardbill1

    Greetings from Denver

    A little tardy here as I've been a reader and member for a while, but planning on being more active. Bought the obligatory pipe when I started college, but didn't really start pipe collecting and smoking until 1995. Initial collecting interest was drip wax pipes, currently it's older...
  7. leonardbill1

    Hobbit's Weed

    Anyone tried the Hobbit's Weed recipe that shows up periodically on some of the Facebook groups? I mixed some up in September and letting it sit for a few months.