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  1. peckinpahhombre

    Ken Lamb Pipe Rack & Cabinets

    I ordered these a couple of months ago and thought I would share them. I just unpacked them onto my man cave floor. Ken did an amazing job and I am very pleased.
  2. peckinpahhombre

    Storm Front - Will it Age Well?

    I just tried Storm Front and quite like it. Am wondering whether I should buy a bunch of this stuff to jar up for the cellar. Now, to be honest, I don't really care if it gets better with age, I just want it to be as good 5 years from now as it is today. The cellaring for me would be a hedge...
  3. peckinpahhombre

    Larry Roush Billiard

    I had a PAD attach today and jumped on a new Larry Roush billiard. Pics below. No carved flames, unfortunately. :lol!:
  4. peckinpahhombre

    Sam's Flake

    I haven't heard anyone talk about SG Sam's Flake. Any good?
  5. peckinpahhombre

    Strawberry Wood

    Anybody have a pipe made out of Strawberry wood? Anyone knows how it smokes? I just picked up a poker made out of strawberry wood (didn't want to, but unfortunately I'm required to buy a pipe every two days) and it's completely new to me.
  6. peckinpahhombre

    G Pease Embarcadero

    A month or so I picked up 10 tins of this after I had tried it and really liked it. Since then I saw some threads on here I believe where people indicated that it was better fresh, which I interpreted as meaning that it doesn't age well. Is this true? Should I smoke my stock up in a mad dash...
  7. peckinpahhombre

    Pipe Reaction

    Ok, I want to get your visceral reaction on this. Truthfully, what do you think of this pipe?
  8. peckinpahhombre

    Pipe Art

    I am decorating my home office/smoking man cave and want to get some pipe-centric artwork for the walls. Anybody know of a painter who either paints originals or has high quality canvas prints for sale?
  9. peckinpahhombre

    Piping Resolution

    ok, I am sure many of us have numerous resolutions planned for 2013 that don't involve pipes or tobacco, but since this is a website devoted to pipes and tobacco I thought I would dwell on that subject. What are the top one or two things you would like to accomplish in the hobby this year? A...
  10. peckinpahhombre

    Is Patriot Flake any good?

    Anyone like or dislike this tobacco? Just wondering where it ranks amongst other flake tobaccos before I take the plunge and order some.
  11. peckinpahhombre


    Has anyone checked out the new pipes Bob Cooper has out on ebay? This one caught my attention. Is this not one of the strangest things you've seen in all of pipedom: For the full listing, check out...
  12. peckinpahhombre

    Nic Hit

    I used to smoke cubans and I have always found that I have a strong tolerance for large doses of vitamin N. Yesterday I smoked a long and deep bowl of Pete's Irish flakes in my new Radice oompaul. I almost couldn't stand up when I was done. This is the first time I've ever had that feeling...
  13. peckinpahhombre


    Anybody have a bead on some SG FVF? I love the stuff, but it's harder to find than an honest politician. Does anyone know why this stuff is so scarce? Is it a marketing ploy or is it real?
  14. peckinpahhombre

    What are Canadian Pipe Smokers Doing Today, Part 2?

    well ... the only other thing we do in Canada, of course:
  15. peckinpahhombre

    What are Canadian Pipe Smokers Doing Today?

    Well, in my part of Canada, here is what we're doing:
  16. peckinpahhombre

    2013 Chicago Pipe Show

    How many of you plan to attend the Chicago pipe show this May? I was thinking about going - for those who have been there before, is it worth it?
  17. peckinpahhombre

    Favorite Artisan Pipemakers

    Who are your five favourite artisan pipe makers? I am relatively new to the hobby, but so far mine, in no particular order, are: - Rad Davis - Chris Askwith - Michael Parks - Trevor Talbert - JT Cooke
  18. peckinpahhombre

    The Man With the Golden Dunnie

    Ok, I like Dunhills. They are a great pipe - a bit on the expensive side, but a nice looking classic pipe that you can expect will perform well. Mostly, I like the looks of them as well. But what is the story here...
  19. peckinpahhombre

    Hot Tubs & Pipes

    Can you smoke a pipe in a hot tub? I have switched over to pipes from cigars, and then tonight I was thinking of sitting in the hot tub. I used to take a cigar, but it seems unwieldy to take a pipe in. Thoughts? Tips? Is it doable?
  20. peckinpahhombre

    Chestnuts Roasting

    I don't like many aromatics, and find as I try more tobaccos that I like the aros even less and less (though I don't mean to cast aspersions on those who do like them - simply different tastes). Given my bent, it was with great trepidation that I ordered a small tin of Cornell & Diehl...