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  1. GregE

    Restoration-Youtube video

    Does anybody remember the Youtube videos a couple of years back where a couple of guys wanted to show that any pipe could be repaired no matter how badly damaged the pipe is...and they took a cracked pipe with a messed up stem and restored it to museum quality. They wanted to show that no matter...
  2. GregE

    Meerschaum bowl

    I have calabash and my wife somehow lost the meerschaum bowl.  How do  you go about  getting replacements?
  3. GregE

    Saving the leaf

    I had a sealed tobacco jar in a glass container full of tobacco.  It was put into a box and stored about a year ago by the queen of my double wide. The lid was accidently bumped and partially popped off during storage and the tobacco was left to dry out by accident.  Is it possible to save that...
  4. GregE

    New Meerschaum ordered

    My wife cleaned house and moved a bunch of boxes upto the attic, the only problem is my favorite Meerschaum is missing and nobody seems to know anything about it. So I broke down and bought another Meerchaum on line. My only complaint from buying them online is that when they arrive, they...
  5. GregE

    Rhodesian vs bulldog-

    I have been looking at pictures of these two...and wanted to try a different style, but I cant tell what the difference is between a rhodesian and a bulldog, can one of the brothers enlighten me? Thanks in advance....
  6. GregE

    Loose stem-

    I have an old kaywoodie that I have kept soley because it is the only pipe that fits into the pocket of my tobacco pouch, but unfortunately the stem (which slides into the body of the pipe) is now a loose fit, and I am always afraid it will fall apart when I am using it. Is there a quick fix...
  7. GregE

    Crippled Meerschaum-

    I was out of town on business for 2 weeks, and my wife rearranged the house while I was gone, somehow (in the process) she lost the meerschaum bowl from my calabash gourd. We have looked everywhere for it, its just vanished to parts unknown. She feels bad, but I feel worse, I guess the lecture...
  8. GregE

    TRUE GRIT Matt Damon

    Just saw the new True Grit Movie...Matt Damons character smokes a handsome MEER with a bent amber stem...anybody know where you can buy one just like it? It is a very attractive pipe, I think it would go well with my Peterson collection of sherlock holmes pipes.... Thanks in advance..Greg
  9. GregE

    Dunhill and an adventure-

    I have been trolling the archive and wanting to build up my resume of different pipe tobaccos in an effort to feel legitimate among you "briar dogs" I have about 4 diffrent tins ordered of new tobaccos and the first one arrived was Dunhills early morning pipe. I liked it okay...
  10. GregE


    If a fellow wanted to have a windscreen put on a pipe (for instance he has a sailboat) and he was willing to dedicate one of his peterson pipes or a stanwells to the project...where might he inquire about such a thing...or where might he send it off to have it done? How much would such an...
  11. GregE

    Metal Lined bowls

    I was on ebay earlier and saw some Ukrainian pipes with the hinged covers over the top. Peculiar to that region, they line their pipe bowls inside with a metal sheath. Of course I see the problem with getting a carbon layer, but the carbon layer is mainly just for the protection of the briar...
  12. GregE

    Meerschaum vs Briar

    I took your guys advice and bought a meerschaum pipe back during the middle of the summer, I thought it was just that I didn't have it broken in right, but I have to say- after having smoked it enough to get it broken in good, that I still prefer my briar pipes ...the tobacco just seems to taste...
  13. GregE

    My top three choices-

    I have officially found my top three favorite tobaccos..they are Orlik golden blend, Barbary coast and Walnut......I was wondering if its okay to drip a couple of drops of water into a jar of tobacco if its starting to dry out too much? I am sure somebody has an opinion on this.
  14. GregE

    Walnut is a keeper-

    I took the advice of a certain member of the brothers here and ordered my own jar of walnut...and I am sold. I really liked the complex flavors and the even burning. It's not exotic but almost could be. For an everyday tobacco and a staple to be used in between the more exotic tobacco...
  15. GregE

    Estate pipe treatmen

    I took the advice of one of the members here and got some estate pipes but I was wondering how you guys treat the pipes when they come in, and how you sterilize them? If there are teeth marks on the bit, I think I want to send it off and have it buffed out.... thanks for the advice.
  16. GregE

    Where do you get your Tobacco?

    I have been fastidously studying your guys' comments about your favorite tobacco's and since I am ready to move on past "sweet cavendish" from the drug store...I ordered about 11 of the ones you guys have praised from one entry or another in the past.... I used the online resources you suggested...
  17. GregE

    Meerschaum coloring-

    I just bought my first Meerschaum Pipe and have been reading other website blogs about care and upkeep of the pipe. Several people talk about the eventual coloring of the outside and to only hold the pipe by the stem so your fingers oils wouldnt interfere with the natural coloring over time...
  18. GregE

    Texas Howdy

    I am a new member to this group and look forward to reading ya'lls stuff. I am a bit new to pipes, only having picked it up about a year ago, I was a cigar guy for many years prior, however I am finishing my project sailboat this year and hope to get my 25 foot macgregor into the water for the...