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    fishbanjo's Orvis pipe

    Actually probably made by Nachwalter. Any interest? hp and tl les
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    Fans of cobs wanting a momento from Sante's stash

    I was talking with DanL and he's moving from EBaying Sante's marvelous briars to the banana box of Sante's cobs. Some of them might be random, but Sante was a collector of the first water. So a number of the cobs are unusual specimens. Those of us who treasure Sante's memory, as well as his...
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    Sante's stash - Round 1

    1, McClelland Blackwoods flake 2014 100 G. $80 2, McClelland Oriental mix no. 14 . 2005 50 G. $50 3, Exotique mix, Smokers Haven 2013 2 oz. $40 4, G. L. Pease , Telegraph Hill 2014 2 oz. $35 5, G. L. Pease , Abingdon Mixture 2009 8 oz. $80 6, Dunhill , Ye Olde Signe 50 G. assuming ~'13-'18...
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    Philly's Morley's PC Wednesday 18Mar 7:00pm - cancelled

    Another casualty of the COVID19: our fine venue Pen & Pencil is shut the time being. So no March Morley's. Hopefully April will bring relief. hp les
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    Philly's Morley's PC Wednesday 12Feb 7:00pm

    February's Morley's will be early this leap month: in fact it's next week, on Wednesday the 12th. Pen & Pencil Club as usual at 7:00, though the doors open at 6:30. Hot food and drinks will be dispensed by Shannon. The week after will the IPSD, on Thursday the 20th. Some of us will join the NJ...
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    If you are wanting a pipe from Sante's estate

    one of his very good friends is helping out his widow. He has been putting them, a few at a time, on EBay. His Seller name is lumpyslures (mind the 2 "S"'s) and for a non-pipe guy he does a pretty good job of describing and photographing Sante's gorgeous pipes. He is first rate in...
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    Philly's Morley's PC Wednesday 15Jan 7:00pm

    Our first meeting of the decade will be the third Wednesday, 15Jan.  As usual we will be at the Pen & Pencil Club at 7:00pm, for pipes, conversations, served drinks and hot cooked to order meals.  What is not usual is that our bartender and manager Dan Kenney will not be there - he passed away...
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    Philly's Morley's PC Wednesday 18Dec 7:00pm

    Due to holiday scheduling, December's Morley's is this Wednesday, the 18th, rather than the usual 3rd Thursday.  A couple cars' worth of members went up to the Northeast Slow Smoke Event/Kaywoodie Holiday Party, resulting in some goodies coming home.  Bill Bell also went to the PSD meetup at...
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    Philly's Morley's PC Thursday 14Nov 7:00pm

    November's Morley's will be next week, the second Thursday 14Nov due to holiday scheduling. At the Pen & Pencil Club as usual, 7:00pm. Those planning to go to the Kaywoodie Holiday Slow Smoking event on 14Dec can organize car pools. hp les
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    Philly's Morley's 25th Anniversary Celebration 17Oct

    Join us for the 25th Anniversary Dinner October 17th Pen& Pencil Club 1522 Latimer Street, Philadelphia. Guest Speaker William Serad (P&T "Trial by Fire" reviewer and creator of the Serenity series) Dinner choice of steak, chicken or fish $18.  Let me know your choice if you haven't already told...
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    Philly's Christopher Morley's PC Thursday 19Sept 7:00pm

    eptember's Morley's meeting is the regulation 3rd Thursday, 19Sept 7:00pm at Pen&Pencil Club. Doors open at 6:30pm. I still have several clay pipes from Markem for anyone who wants a perfectly sized taster. Some of us are getting organized for the Richmond Pipe Club's CORPS event on Saturday...
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    Philly's Christopher Morley's PC Thursday 22Aug 7:00pm

    This August is a strange month, with 5 Thursdays.  Morley's is meeting next week on the 22nd, at the Pen & Pencil Club as usual.  Some of the members will have been in Long Island over the weekend with the New York Pipe Club's summer BBQ and picnic.  We'll see what goodies they nabbed.  I will...
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    Philly's Christopher Morley's PC Thursday 25July 7:00pm

    Our next Morley's is the Fourth Thursday 25July, since the previous week was booked.  As usual it will be at the Pen & Pencil Club on Latimer in Center City.  Our leading author/scholar/blender Ira Stone is going to present "Father the Flame", a fine film. I saw the preview with different music...
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    Philly's Christopher Morley's PC Thursday 20June 7:00pm

    We're back to the regular schedule. June's Morley's meeting is on the usual 3rd Thursday, 20June. Pen & Pencil Club, 7:00pm though doors open at 6:30.  A member from LA (the state) will be visiting us for the first time! hp les
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    Philly's Morley's PC Thursday 16May 7:00pm

    Morley's is next week, the 3rd Thursday 16May, at the Pen&Pencil Club as usual. Expect tales from the fabulous CPCC show at Pheasant Run, and maybe samples of the new blends that were introduced. hp les
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    Philly's Morley's PC Thursday 18Apr 7:00pm

    April's Morley's is next week, the 3rd Thursday, ie 18April. 7:00pm at the Pen & Pencil as usual. Food, libations, conversation, and tobacco are available. Some will be finalizing plans for the big Chicago CPCC Pipe Show at Pheasant Run in a couple of weeks. hp les
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    Philly's Morley's PC Wednesday 20Mar 7:00pm

    Contrary to our usual 3rd Thursday, March's Morley's is 20Mar, a Wednesday. There will be post mortems of the New York Pipe Show and preplanning for the big one near Chicago. hp les
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    Philly's Morley's PC Thursday 21Feb 7:00pm

    February meeting is next week, 3rd Thursday as usual (21Feb), at the Pen & Pencil Club at 7:00pm. It will be a busy pipe week, with IPSD on the 20th and the NYPC celebration on Saturday 23Feb at the Barclay-Rex near Wall Street. Some of us will be at the NJ Fellowship of Pipe Smokers IPSD party...
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    Philly's Morley's PC Thursday 17Jan 7:00pm

    The first Morley's of 2019 will be next week, the usual 3rd Thursday, 17Jan, at the Pen & Pencil Club at 7:00pm. We need to talk about IPSD, which is 20Feb and will be before the February meeting. hp les
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    Philly's Morley's PC Thursday 15Nov 7:00pm

    November's Morley's is next week, Thursday 15Nov, at the usual Pen & Pencil Club - 7:00pm. Those of us planning to attend the great KW Slow Smoke Party on 8Dec can plan car pools and logistics. Very sad news that our server, Courtney, passed away just after our last meeting. The reason she...