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  1. Trout Bum

    Sunrise over the City of Angels

    Nice shot, Har!
  2. Trout Bum

    What are you smoking?

    Smoking the Frog in an Ashton billiard. With a side of wicked good coffee. A superb pairing, I might add.
  3. Trout Bum

    Hi from Portland, Ore

    Obelus -- Welcome aboard!
  4. Trout Bum

    Hallo from Glasgow Bonnie Scotland.

    Welcome aboard, Martyn!
  5. Trout Bum

    111 Gigapixel photo of Sevilla (Not a typo)

    WOW! Crazy cool; I found people from well over a mile out! Kinda scary, almost. Makes you wonder what kind of technologies exist that we the "bewildered herd" either do not know about or will simply never know about. Where's my tinfoil hat?!
  6. Trout Bum

    A new brother from the Rockie Mountains

    Welcome aboard, Bahnzo! Ever hit Edwards Pipe and Tobacco shop in Denver? (Actually it's in Englewood, on S. Broadway) A very well run, classic pipe and tobacco store, with friendly, knowledgeable staff. If you haven't discovered this gem, you should seriously consider it. Edwards is a quality...
  7. Trout Bum

    Hello from Ecuador!

    Watch out, Senior innovador, I just may take you up on that. Besides, these days, sneaking around after some wily trouties sounds like way more fun than laboring and suffering my way up the flanks of Chimborazo!
  8. Trout Bum

    Happy Birthday talrmn35, or is it 36 now?

    Hope you have a great day!
  9. Trout Bum

    Hello from Ecuador!

    Welcome to the BoB, innovador! I have always found your part of South America a fascinating region. About ten years ago I almost made an extended expedition to Ecuador/Peru/Bolivia... so I did a lot of research. Ecuador held the most fascination for me -- it is a very interesting and beautiful...
  10. Trout Bum

    Rediscovering pipe smoking...

    Welcome to the BoB, Chris!
  11. Trout Bum

    Hello from Calcutta India

    Welcome aboard!
  12. Trout Bum

    Best bang for the buck?

    Stanwell gets my vote! But that's probably because I like their shapes/finishes better than Petes and Savs. These are the three biggies, so to speak; any one of them would probably make you happy.
  13. Trout Bum

    You never know

    Great post Mark, thank you for sharing!
  14. Trout Bum

    Question about GL Pease tobacco

    Haddo's Delight: Super Extra Excellent! A very different, fairly strong, very popular blend. Tasty with a good nic hit, to be certain. Barbary Coast: never tried it, but of course, it's on "the list." Fillmore: an excellent va/per, with just a hint of latakia, as Jack Straw noted. I find this...
  15. Trout Bum

    New brother of the briar

    Howdy, Frank! Welcome aboard!
  16. Trout Bum

    New member

    Welcome to the BoB!
  17. Trout Bum

    Stuck at home with a cold...

    Well, as my grandfather used to say, "Chin up, little camper!"
  18. Trout Bum

    Stuck at home with a cold...

    Harlock -- love me some AC/DC! Pump some catchy power chords for me... on "11"!
  19. Trout Bum

    What are you listening to?

    Ya, man! Bus to Beelzebub is kind of a tuff one; but I fully dig on "True Dreams of Wichita". Screenwriters Blues is also a gem; beatnik poetry set to deep house jazz beats. Gotta love the upright bass they incorporate into their post industrial-disconnected-white noise sound canvas. Soul...
  20. Trout Bum

    What are you listening to?

    Man, some great tune-age listed here... right about now I am grooving on some Soul Coughing. Incredible, innovative 90's band. Four blokes, one on percussion, one on upright bass, the lead singer on guitar, other cat rocking a turntable and keyboards. Difficult to categorize; Mike Doughty, lead...