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  1. SailorJack

    If you had to . . . .

    Sir Walter Raleigh
  2. SailorJack

    Recommendations for Oriental Mixtures with no Latakia

    I would second C&D's Boker Or from their Hebraic Series.
  3. SailorJack


    If you like Bayou Morning than I would hardily suggest C&D's Poplar Camp. It's an excellent Va/Per in bulk. Far as I'm concerned Russ Ouelette at Pipes and Cigars blends the best Va/Pers. His VR Blend that he makes for SHPC(Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club) is probably the finest I've smoked. It's...
  4. SailorJack

    C&D 839: Boker Or Morning Light (Hebraica Series)

    I've tried two of the Hebraica series. First I tried the Halav U'Dvash. I loved the list of tobaccos used but I was terribly disappointed. It seemed to be a bit of a confused mess to me. The ingredients just didn't seem to jive with each other. Boker Or on the other hand is much better. The...
  5. SailorJack

    Single Malt Value

    I prefer anything from Islay but rarely can afford the big names like Lagavulin and Ardbeg. If your a budget guy looking for less expensive alternatives than I suggest Black Bottle and Islay Mist. The Black Bottle took down a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco Spirits Competition. The Black...
  6. SailorJack

    Favorite Boubon or U.S. Whiskey?

    I'm more of a Scotch drinker these days but a bourbon Manhattan is still my favorite cocktail. I'm an old Wild Turkey 101 man. If your looking for a good inexpensive bourbon than I suggest Fighting Cock 103 proof 6yr.old. Here in Jersey I get it for about $18. It's pretty tasty stuff and I...
  7. SailorJack

    IPA's!! So many to choose from nowadays...

    You guys in California should be drinking Lagunitas. They make great IPAs. I particularly like their Hop Stoopid which only comes in 22oz bottles and will make you stupid after drinking a couple. Their regular IPA and their Maximus are great also. Here in the east I too enjoy Hop Devil and I...
  8. SailorJack

    What Are Your Drinking Right Now

    Diplomatico Reserva Rum. Yummy!
  9. SailorJack

    Favorite VaPer?

    VR Blend made for Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club (SHPC) by Poplar Camp by C&D is a close second
  10. SailorJack

    What is Your Favorite Cornell & Diehl Blend?

    If you love VaPers than you have to try Poplar Camp.
  11. SailorJack

    Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club's "VR Blend"

    I purchased a 4oz. bag of VR and I blinked and it was gone. That's how good this stuff is.
  12. SailorJack

    Favorite ring gauge/cigar size?

    5"-6" 52-54 RG
  13. SailorJack

    In the category of "best cheap whiskey," I nominate....

    Just bought a bottle of White Horse Scotch. For less than $15 it is quite drinkable. It supposedly has the famed Lagavulin and Talisker in the blend. If you like a lot of peat in your scotch than this may not float your boat but overall this is a keeper. Much better than JW Red, Dewars, or J&B.
  14. SailorJack

    If you could only pick one brand

    This is an easy one. Home and Hearth Blends by Russ Ouilette of
  15. SailorJack

    Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area

    Brian, What took you so long? We've been waiting for you. Glad your here now. Don't be shy.
  16. SailorJack

    SHPC VR Blend

    Who cares what it looks like? I bought some of it in bulk and the flakes were somewhat broken up. Just rub it out, the tobacco I mean, and enjoy. VR is a great blend that any lover of Va/Pers should try ASAP. That reminds me, I need to order some more.
  17. SailorJack

    Hello from Northern IL/WI

    Well koogs you made the right decision and have come to the right place. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The pipe smoking community is a very special one that you will soon find out. Enjoy your voyage, as if you wouldn't?
  18. SailorJack

    Greetings from eastern Kentucky

    Welcome Aboard! I hope you take advantage of all the great Kentucky bourbons. Your not in a dry county are you?
  19. SailorJack

    New Kid on the Block

    Welcome Aboard Todd! We are glad to have you with us.