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  1. Harlock999

    Happy Halloween!

    Have a great one guys!
  2. Harlock999

    I've been bombed!

    Well, after a scorching day, and picking up my kid from kindergarten, I get home, and... there's a box, on the porch. "Have I been ordering stuff in my sleep again?" I ask myself. "No, I'm on meds for that" I remind myself. "So what the heck?" And from a vendor I recognize, too... Too late...
  3. Harlock999

    Happy Birthday Dutch!

    Have a great one sir! I'm sure a fine pipe or cigar will be involved!:cheers: 
  4. Harlock999

    Happy Birthday Gandalf!

    Have a wizardly one! You came forth to the land of BoB, you snagged the user ID coveted by many nerdlings, you posted one time, then buggered off back to Middle Earth, whence you came. Well played sir, well played! :cheers:
  5. Harlock999

    Happy Birthday mattia76!

    Have a great one!
  6. Harlock999

    Rob_In_Mo, wherefore art thou?

    Hey Rob, Hope all is well... Say hey when you can!
  7. Harlock999

    Days of lowered expectations...

    In the grips of an early summer heat wave over here on the coast... It's time like these I try not to expect too much from my pipes and tobacco. I may even forego the pipe until the heat breaks. It's too early for these temps!
  8. Harlock999

    Happy Birthday Hiram-2011!

    Have a great day Shane!
  9. Harlock999

    Happy Birthday DrT999!

    Have a great one sir!:cheers:
  10. Harlock999

    Layout changes?

    So, it's not just me right? :scratch:
  11. Harlock999

    Some call it heavenly in it's brilliance...

    Others, mean and rueful of the western dream... But I call it GBDello! Friends, curious passersby, thrill seekers: Behold this strange union! Imagine if you will, the sterling mechanical reliability of a vintage Jaguar combined with the precision engineering of a vintage Alfa Romeo... No, wait...
  12. Harlock999

    Britannia rule the waves!

    He'll, I didn't know what to call this thread. I mean, how does one go about calling attention to the greatest ebay listing, ever?
  13. Harlock999


    Is it too early to ask if anyone knows where Yak is? Did he take a vacation?
  14. Harlock999

    Comoy Chubby Chasers

    Go on, you know who are... 8) So did any of you CCC'ers get in on this one?
  15. Harlock999

    Getting medieval at the Copa...

    Weapons confiscated before yesterday's Copa D'Italia final: AS Roma 0 SS Lazio 1 :cry:
  16. Harlock999

    R.I.P. Ray

    A musical hero...
  17. Harlock999

    Smoker's Haven Exotique

    Last week, I received a very generous sample of Exotique from Hiram-2011 (Thank you Shane!), and I thought I would do a "review". Well, actually two reviews: a short one for those who already like London Mixture, or other Oriental blends, and another, longer one for the heck of it, because if...
  18. Harlock999

    Hi-tech X-Ray photo of a Castello stem (not really)

    I noticed that I could see through the colored stem of an old Castello (late sixties-early seventies?), so I held it up to the kitchen light and snapped a photo. And there it is, that pesky restricted airway in the stem that blights some vintage Cantu pipes. Although sometimes they smoke just...
  19. Harlock999

    Happy birthday Puff Daddy!

    Have a great one sir!
  20. Harlock999

    Happy b-day deepbass9!

    Have a great one! Keep on hoppin' with the devil!