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  1. ak2000

    9mm pipe

    Is there a high quality adapter anyone knows of that doesn't rattle or gurgle? Or a permanent solution?
  2. ak2000

    Blending suggestions

    So I have a couple of different Cuban tobaccos that are OK on their own (though the McConnell is pretty tasty), along with some Burleys like PS Toasted Burley, C&D Ribbon cut and cube cut, and some Izmir Turkish. I recently tried GLP Key Largo and Cairo and while really enjoyed them, they are...
  3. ak2000

    Caminetto Business Poker

    Just missed getting this one at a great price. Did one of you get it?
  4. ak2000

    Large Softy Pipe Bits

    P&C has been out of these for a while, anyone know where to get some? Seems like they are the only ones that have the large size.
  5. ak2000


    What a great brother!! Hooked me up with an entire aged tin when I was just looking for a sample to try and gave me a killer deal on some aged baccy a while back. Thanks a mill Gary!
  6. ak2000

    Couple of GBD 9438 eBay estates restored

    Met a great brother on another forum who restores pipes as a hobby. Does a phenomenal job IMHO
  7. ak2000

    Wessex Campaign Dark Flake

    Anybody like this baccy? Gives me terrible bite.
  8. ak2000

    MacBaren HH Mature Virginia

    I am not a fan of most pure Virginas or VaPers that I've tried, but this one sounds interesting and I found a 10 year old tin for $40. What are the opinions on this one here?
  9. ak2000

    My first Meerschaums

    A couple of awesome estate finds I think, a GBD and a Barling
  10. ak2000

    Why did this pipe sell for so much money?

    Very curious since new ones go for $300-$400
  11. ak2000

    Pipe and tobacco cabinet

    Anyone know where I can find something like this?
  12. ak2000

    C&D Mold again

    Just opened a tin of Five O'clock Shadow to try and found a spot of mold on the bottom of the kake. WTF C&D! I love their tobaccos for the most part, but this is really getting concerning...
  13. ak2000

    Stem problem

    I have an old Savinelli that I purchased as an estate. The stem is stuck and won't come out unless the pipe is warm and it won't go back in all of the way unless it's warm either. Of course I've read that you're not supposed to take it off when it's warm so I don't know what to do. It there some...
  14. ak2000

    Announcement from SP: C&D Burley Flake #5

    Blend description is similar to #2 but apparently less dark fired and more Virginia, and strength and taste rating is lower. Wonder if it's worth a try.
  15. ak2000

    Bruce Weaver Pipes

    Anyone know about this brand/maker? I'm looking at an estate pipe of his but not familiar with the brand.
  16. ak2000

    Mold on my Oak Alley!

    Just about to smoke some C&D Oak Alley that I opened and jarred up a few weeks ago and see this!
  17. ak2000

    Some cool pipes from Dagner

    Sure don't need another pipe, but I like to look... I really like the smooth Anse and the Pots, the Bent Pot is very tempting
  18. ak2000

    Hello from Chicagoland

    Hello everybody, my name is Andy, long time cigar smoker and picked up piping earlier this year. I tend towards darker natural tobaccos and Burley blends and not to sound repetitive, but I prefer my tobacco to taste like tobacco. Heard about this forum from friends on another who said this was a...