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  1. BriarBeagle

    Fishnbanjo Morta

    Howdy friends, I haven't been too vocal around these parts lately but I've been watching from the wings. Glad to see the forum is going strong, and it looks like we've picked up a few new recruits over the past year as well. Hope y'all are doing well, and staying healthy and happy. So...I...
  2. BriarBeagle

    Looking to Buy or Trade for some G&H Louisiana Perique Flake

    Howdy folks, I havent said much lately, but I am watching from the wings periodically. Hope you all are safe, healthy, and in good spirits. So I'm looking to try a bit of G&H Louisiana Flake. I'd be interested in picking up at least 2 oz, but I'm open to a larger quantity as well. Anyone...
  3. BriarBeagle

    Eggman it's your Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, Egg! Hope you have an awesome day! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  4. BriarBeagle

    My Penzance for your Old Gowrie

    Howdy Folks, Just thought I'd put this out there and see if there was anyone interested. I've got a 250 g. sealed bag of Penzance (not sure about the age, but its been in my cellar for at least a year). I'm looking to trade for 3 x 100g tins of Old Gowrie. I've got plenty of fresh OG, but...
  5. BriarBeagle

    Conservation of Toilet Paper

    Just thought I'd share a video tutorial of how to conserve that most precious resource, toilet paper, during these challenging times... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe> You're welcome...
  6. BriarBeagle

    Bucket List Pipe at the West Coast Pipe Show

    So... I had the pleasure of attending the West Coast Pipe Show in Las Vegas this last weekend and had a blast.  Much to my surprise, Kurt Balleby was attending this year and brought a handful of pipes with him.  Mind you, I have been keeping my eye out for one of Kurt's smooth bulldogs in my...
  7. BriarBeagle

    Jevverrett , It's Your Birthday!

    Word on the street is that it's your birthday. Hope you have an awesome day, brother! Relax, light up a pipe, and Celebrate. :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  8. BriarBeagle

    Pete 304 Silver Spigot Addition

    Howdy folks, Couldn't help myself when I saw this pipe offered up as an estate in near mint condition.  It's the second Pete I've ever had, the first being a Donegal Rocky pot shape with a p-lip stem.  I can recall being underwhelmed by my first Pete and I ended up passing it along to another...
  9. BriarBeagle

    Pipe Book for a Great Price

    Howdy friends, Just wanted to let anyone who may be interested know that has the book "The Pipe: A Functional Work of Art" as part of a freefall auction for the next day an a half.  I just picked up a copy for $28.00 + $6.00 shipping.  This is less than half the SRP ($75).  Heres...
  10. BriarBeagle

    Gum Disease and Pipe Smoking Dilemma

    So...I've received a bit of bad news and I'm looking for some feedback from the members of this forum if anyone has any first hand experience to offer. For years I have been living with declining gum disease, which had already forced the extraction of two upper molars.  Yesterday I scheduled an...
  11. BriarBeagle

    Smoker13 It's your Birthday!

    Wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday, sir. Hope you have an awesome day! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  12. BriarBeagle

    DrT999 Its Your Birthday!

    Happy, happy birthday, sir! Wishing you a terrific day, and hoping that this 61st year will be the best yet! Hip Hip Hooray! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  13. BriarBeagle

    Unexpected Bomb

    Much like our brother Eggman, I too was recently hit by an unexpected bomb.  The details of the bombing were strangely similar, leading me to believe that the perpetrator may be the same anonymous B.O.B member.  Anyhoo, a small package detonated on my porch yesterday with the words P&C...
  14. BriarBeagle

    I'm Looking to Buy a Few Aged Tins of...

    Howdy friends, I'm looking to buy abfew aged tins and thought I'd put it out there if anyone is heavily stocked on any of the following: Orlik Golden Sliced ($20 or less) Old Gowrie (preferably 3.5 oz tins, $40 or less) Dunhill Flake (Light Flake) ($25 or less) Edits made with some idea of...
  15. BriarBeagle

    Beverly Hills bans all tobacco sales, except...

    Well, I hope this doesn't establish a precedent here in California.  This kind of legislation really pisses me off.  Only the elite and select few are above the law.  I've got to get out of this State ASAP. Check out the article...
  16. BriarBeagle

    Chris Asteriou Classics

    Hello friends, Just added a few classics to the stable...(prince and Don shapes)...a matched set of army mount classics with silver that I commissioned from one of my favorite carvers, Chris Asteriou.  The pipes are have been scaled down to meet my size parameters, and IMO Chris nailed the...
  17. BriarBeagle

    Methods for Removing Rim Darkening

    Howdy friends, I was hoping to solicit some suggestions or capitalize on the long-time experience of some of our members.  Typically, when I get some rim darkening on my pipes and wish to clean them, I just give them a good wipedown with saliva and a paper towel.  What (if any) other methods do...
  18. BriarBeagle

    Pipe Smoking Women

    Where are all of the women like this these days and how do we repeat it?... <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" loading="lazy" allowfullscreen ></iframe> This is my kind of party ;)
  19. BriarBeagle

    Trade Dunhill DF and Navy Rolls for Dunhill Flake- COMPLETED

    Hey there friends, I was wondering if anyone has a stockpile of Dunhill Flake they'd be willing to trade some tins of.  I have two tins of Dark Flake and two tins of Navy Rolls I'd like to trade, as my preference is for the Dunhill Flake.  Shoot me a message if there are any takers. Update...
  20. BriarBeagle

    Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pens

    Hi all. I have recently taken the plunge into the world of fountain pens, as several of our members inspired me to give them a try.  (I'm talking to you Blackhorse :) )  Anyway, I heard some favorable reviews about the Pilot Metropolitan series, and they are priced at a price point that is not...