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  1. forsooth

    Brigadier Black tobacco from p& -- anyone tried?

    Has anyone tried any of the Brigadier Black pipe tobaccos (exclusive to I did a Brothers of Briar search and didn't come up with anything. Includes several varieties such as: Brigadier Black Waterloo Brigadier Black Alamo Brigadier Black Bull Run Brigadier Black...
  2. forsooth

    Enhancing Granger's flavor with an aromatic - question

    I bought a large tin of Granger.  It is ok -- I like the fact that it has no bite and is (seemingly) low in nicotine. However, I'd like to enhance the flavor a bit without jacking up the "strength."  Does anyone have any suggestions for an aromatic that might go well with it? Thanks.
  3. forsooth

    Savinelli "Extra" series -- did they accept a 6mm filter?

    The Savinelli Extra series is out of production, but I am interested in one on Ebay. The seller does not understand my question to him/her about whether or not the pipe can accept a filter. Is there anyone out there who knows if the Savinelli Extra series (the one I'm interested in is a 6002...
  4. forsooth

    Question about nicotine-shy or nicotine-free English blends

    Nicotine and I do not get along at all. A few puffs of tobacco containing nicotine sends me into a death spiral. Thus, I am an aromatic lover (RLP-6, 1-Q, etc,). That being said, I'd love to venture into some English blends that are nicotine-shy, if they exist. How about Frog Morton Cellar...
  5. forsooth

    Pennsylvania tax on pipe tobacco -- what will retailers do?

    I'm wondering what Pennsylvania pipe tobacco retailers will do to stay competitive as they face the ridiculous and onerous new tax (55 cents per ounce) on pipe tobacco? Could they move their tobacco packaging operations (e.g., contract out the packaging and posting) to another state, and...
  6. forsooth

    What does "RLP-6" stand for? (Lane brand)

    I searched google for awhile but did not find anything.  Thanks!
  7. forsooth

    Pipes with wells or reservoirs

    Other than Peterson, does anyone else make a briar pipe that includes a well or reservoir for the condensation? Thanks.
  8. forsooth

    Buying a banana slicer? Read the reviews first.

    A funny diversion. Click on the reviews from Amazon. Banana slicer.
  9. forsooth

    Good jazz holiday music online Then select "Holiday Jazz." No downloads. No login. Just music. They do have a fee service to eliminate ads, but the ads are not that intrusive to me.
  10. forsooth

    Bad experience with Kindle e-reader

    I bought a Kindle e-reader (before the paperwhite version came out), and I purchased Andrew Roberts' "The Storm of War: a new history of the second world war" as my first read. The book itself is very good, and is filled with lots of information and personalities. The problem was that, this...
  11. forsooth

    Harry Hippie -- 3 Youtube versions

    Harry Hippie -- Bobby Womack Marc Broussard - Harry Hippie Harry Hippie -- Daryl Darden
  12. forsooth

    Do any pipemakers other than Peterson offer the P-Lip?

    I love the P-lip from Peterson. Do other pipemakers offer a P-lip stem as an option? All I ever see are fishtails.
  13. forsooth

    Lighter with adaptation to go down into the bowl?

    I have a Zippo pipe lighter, but I want to get a lighter that I can physically extend down into the bowl. I think I've seen one somewhere with an extruding "tube" on it that can go into the bowl. IOW, not a lighter with just an angled flame. Any suggestions?
  14. forsooth

    Suggestions for deep, dark, black cavendish?

    I like deep, very dark cavendish blends like Mocha Black, VBC, BCA, etc. I'm going to put in an order to P&C soon (they have a discount going on). Can you suggest some other aromatic black (or dark) cavendishes that I can try?
  15. forsooth

    Using microwave to help dry tobacco

    I've seen this mentioned in other forums, but a BOB search did not yield what I was looking for. My question is, do you use the microwave on any regular basis to dry tobacco prior to smoking? If so, are there any "rules" or suggestions? Is using the microwave for this purpose even a good idea?
  16. forsooth

    Peterson customer service contact

    I believe I have a "wrong stem" issue with a couple of new XL305 Petersons that I recently purchased. The vendor (very reputable) has advised me to contact Peterson directly. I did so (very politely) using the "[email protected]" address, but it has been about 3 days and I have not heard back...
  17. forsooth

    Lane's MV-1000 Virginia -- Any comments?

    We just had a great thread about Virginia tobacco. This blend didn't come up, so I just wanted to ask if anyone has tried MV-1000? It is described as "A blend of the finest Matured Golden Virginia tobaccos, enhanced by a subtle aromatic fragrance." On Tob. Reviews, it got 10 pretty positive...
  18. forsooth

    Air hole is too large -- How to decrease?

    I have a rather large pipe with what seems to be an overly generous air hole. I'd like to do something to decrease the draw. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  19. forsooth

    Self-blends using Mac Baren 7 Seas family...?

    I have a bunch of 7 Seas (all 3 blends). Just wondering if anyone has had some success in blending with other brands/blends. It seems that the 7 Seas group would make for some good home blends.
  20. forsooth

    Does anyone recognize this pipemaker label?

    I pinched the photo snippet below from Dukeofbluz' great set of CPCC photos. Does anyone recognize the pipemaker? Can't quite make out the name. Thanks!