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  1. SloganPipes80

    CBD oil cor dogs

    Yes it works well - better than those two - it goes to the pain site and numbs it
  2. SloganPipes80

    CBD oil cor dogs

    CBD works - I take it for pain mainly - aches pass quickly makes you sleepy though
  3. SloganPipes80

    My first smoke in many years

    Nice - first smoke is usually the best- how was it?
  4. SloganPipes80

    Attention Mezcal Enablers

    I've had them all from the cheaper one to the tobala - THEY ARE ALL EXCELLENT! - the quality is the same - Excellent
  5. SloganPipes80

    Cherry (Again)

    I hear Wilke makes a good cherry
  6. SloganPipes80

    Coffee pot ?

    A lot of morons are out there who indeed refuse to clean coffee pots - mainly the MOKA type - it's incorrect regardless - the pots need to be cleaned due to oil and resin - Always clean coffee pots and makers
  7. SloganPipes80

    New member selling dad's pipe tobacco

    Steve PipeStud Fallon is indeed one of the top notch most honorable men I have ever had the good fortune of knowing in the Pipe Community. He is a gentleman and a gem - Sell with him, Buy from him, either way you will not be disappointed - He warrants the business - Heck he'll even answer...
  8. SloganPipes80

    I Really Don't Understand Women 2021

    you lost me- but dancing is great! do it
  9. SloganPipes80

    Are All Covid Threads Going To The Rubber Room Automatically?

    My friend calm down- clearly you are in a 'debating' state of being - head to the rubber room - a place where I currently have no privileges - nor seem to desire
  10. SloganPipes80

    Happy to find a small forum

    Welcome - this place is great
  11. SloganPipes80

    Attention Mezcal Enablers

    the only mezcal I drink is Del Maguey - the best
  12. SloganPipes80

    What movie are you watching?

  13. SloganPipes80

    Crocs=High Fashion

    I actually used to live a block from the crocs flagship store in soho NYC - I bought a pair in 2011 - Chef and Restauranteur Mario Batali was actually the pioneer of those things I threw them out in 2016 and kind of regretted it IMHO they ARE indeed UGLY I see they are making a comeback with the...
  14. SloganPipes80

    Hello From NJ

    i its humid here
  15. SloganPipes80

    Hello From NJ

    Can't say I've ever been to Sturgis but one day I'd like to own a chopper. I'm originally from New York CIty born and raised - I am quite unhappy with the way that city went socially, financially, and politically. Moved down to the shore about an hour away 8 years ago. Pleasant life - smoking...
  16. SloganPipes80

    Hello From NJ

    Here on the shore- Piping and making allies with as many smokin' pals as I go along