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  1. beaupipe

    Idea for a "Recommendations" resource

    If you believe that irony (the trope you're employing in the first line), and "straight talk" (the logic to which you're appealing in the last) have anything to do with each other, then it's time to go back to school. Anyway, I'm properly chastened and will henceforth quietly observe the...
  2. beaupipe

    Jumping on the Burley Bandwagon!

    So. It's begun. Six months from now, you'll be bidding $86.57 on ebay for a tub of Edgeworth Ready Rubbed. But first, you'll have to launch yourself into the rewarding world of still-available American traditionals--OTCs like the Prince, the Sir, the Carter, the various manifestations of...
  3. beaupipe

    Idea for a "Recommendations" resource

    For what it's worth, I agree with you. I've been hanging out here a little bit longer than you (though I'm not a heavy poster, because I write all day in my real job), and I was more than a little surprised at the tone of the "feedback" provided. But so be it. For my own part, I'll encourage...
  4. beaupipe

    C&D Star of the East.

    I'm glad you wrote this. I absolutely LOVE Star of the East Flake. But about a year ago, I made a booboo on an order and ended up with 8 oz of Star of the East instead of the Flake. My error, not the etailer's. I haven't tried it yet, but now I'm looking forward to it. I like several C&D...
  5. beaupipe

    Just Bought Some FVF

    Is that true, or are you pulling my leg? Everywhere I look, including the SG site, the words "pure, pressed Virginia" crop up. And here's a question with a wee preface: In the wine industry, there are rules related to labeling and varietal content. The basic EU standard, for example, is...
  6. beaupipe

    Just Bought Some FVF

    Just don't judge it too quickly. I think that there is near universal agreement among aficionados of FVF that it tends to come out of a youthfullly bland shell after a year or so of maturation. I worry that a lot of people trying it for the first time will experience it as a big let-down after...
  7. beaupipe

    Comoys Blue Riband

    Neil Archer Roan of A Passion for Pipes fame is a collector and talks about them and photographs them quite a bit. They do seem to sell for a pretty penny. Here's a link to his photos. Maybe seeing one of those Blue Ribands being loved by someone else...
  8. beaupipe

    where to look for "hard to find" tobaccos

    This well-known fellow has a site devoted to vintage baccys.
  9. beaupipe

    Cavicchi B*lbo

    Hijacking a little, but have you guys seen Uwe Jopp's pipes? "The ultimate bow drilling" say the salesman. Huge bends, generous chunks of wood and they're not that expensive. Not cheap, either. I ain't ordering one, by the way. I was just thinking about his stuff when I read here about...
  10. beaupipe


    Ok, so I went to Google images, set my filter to "show me everythin'" and typed in the words "Pipe Porn." I saw my first briar pipe at page 22. I feel a little unwell. I'm off to vomit and shower.
  11. beaupipe

    A cool piece of South African history pipe

    And a wee history of the Oom Paul, too.
  12. beaupipe

    Find the "problem" with this picture and win some tobacco!

    The problem: Your left hand is holding a wood pipe (and by the way...nice pic of a Saquatch in the woods). Your unseen right hand is holding something that used to occasionally feel like wood--heck, it even used to wake up that way--but lately, it only feels like wet paper. This forced you to...
  13. beaupipe

    Ouestion about my L'Anatra

    No affiliation, but I notice some incredible pricing on l'Anatras here:
  14. beaupipe

    What's with the ads?

    I love it, though it takes a little getting used to at first. I installed it for my 70-something parents, for example, but they were far less fond of it than me, so I uninstalled it. But especially if you're highly mobile on the net, I think it's a genius piece of software.
  15. beaupipe

    What's with the ads?

    I haven't seen a thing, but I'm also running Firefox with various blockers, including the totally indispensable NoScript add-on.
  16. beaupipe

    Favorite American Pipe Maker...

    If you've got a whole lot of time, this page is a good place to start your research: I no longer own any pipes from American carvers (other than some old Custom-Bilts, which I really like), but I've always liked looking at pipes from Mark...
  17. beaupipe

    What is the strongest heaviest English blend?

    I guess it depends what is meant by "strong." For most, it means nicotine, but for some, when discussing so-called "English/Balkan" blends, it means flavor--especially the flavor related to Latakia. For the latter (Latakia-bombs), there are few that I'm familiar with (others will add more...
  18. beaupipe

    Ouestion about my L'Anatra

    Resale values on L'Anatra pipes have never been especially stellar and the write-up about the makers at (which regularly features new L'anatra pipes) makes no mention of the passing away of any member of the team that makes the pipes. They also have a grading guide for the...
  19. beaupipe

    West Coast Pipe Show

    I think it's easier to go to pipe shows if they're not happening in the town in which you live. I made it briefly on Saturday and then again very briefly on Sunday before everyday local life intruded. Picked up another couple volumes of pipe lit and 4 or 5 of the give-away Sutliffe tins that...