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  1. arkansaspiper

    It's been a minute

    What the heck happened on this here site!!! wow it's different!!! umm ya.... Any ways just popping in to say hey and try to reach out to ocelot my wife had something he might possibly be interested in
  2. arkansaspiper

    Captin black red sky

    This is a premium edition tin I smoked a small bowl just not my cup of tea looking to trade for a va just let me know what you got
  3. arkansaspiper

    Thank you

    On a very serious note I just wanted to say if you've ever jumped out of an airplane while fire was coming from both directions if you've ever hit the ground and had to look for cover due to an exploding ordinance in a foxhole was your only Refuge and the chaos if your best friend was an M16 or...
  4. arkansaspiper


    I opened a pouch of a baccky I got from the bomb it smelled good but ad mold all over it anything I can do
  5. arkansaspiper

    So the process begins

    I'm about to start my new cabin and I will be proceeding to set my Foundation I'm very excited and I just wanted to say that the bomb that y'all sent gave me a new hope for the future it actually lifted my spirits and I want to thank you for boosting my ambitions a lot of people think I'm crazy...
  6. arkansaspiper

    Sad dayz

    Back in the day I was signed to a label or two with my music now it's time to sell some equipment sad days
  7. arkansaspiper

    Pipe question

    Does anybody have a pipe that they are terrified to smoke and fear of messing it up I'm struggling back and forth with the want to smoke my Shark pipe that I won but at the same time I don't want to risk messing it up it is so beautiful I'm struggling with going back and forth to whether or not...
  8. arkansaspiper

    Ol oak

    Anyone heard from Oak lately I tried to text him but no response I was kind of worried about the guy
  9. arkansaspiper

    A bowl of Danish pipe

    So after being hit so severely some of the most amazing people in the world I have been sampling one or two of the Sundries and so far the new one that I've smoked that I've never smoked before was Danish pipe it's a really nice smoke really never have been good at making reviews but to me it's...
  10. arkansaspiper

    Excruciatingly painful

    So while tearing into the valves of this Mower and getting the Pistons exposed I was pulling a bolt my hand slipped and I cut my hand to the Bone sliced my whole hand open like a turkey sandwich this is fun i passed out
  11. arkansaspiper

    Piston ring job

    So as some of you may know I do small engine work sometimes I wish I didn't how is telling my mother-in-law what needed to be done with the mower it's a Cub Cadet zero turn and I said you know I can do it no big deal I can replace the piston rings check the Pistons clean the carburetor and you...
  12. arkansaspiper

    A piece of equipment that I would die for

    D10 dozer bulldozer that is lol
  13. arkansaspiper

    Apparently I was the target of some scoundrel

    although I do appreciate the awesome corn cob in the tin of tobacco I don't know I have been the target of a lot of things this year
  14. arkansaspiper

    Trying to figure out

    I think about true Christmases ago I was a part of secret Santa and I received a block Virginia it was slice your own there's two giant block of Virginia with like a yellow wrapping I can't for the life of me remember what it's called but it was the best Virginia smoke at ever had in my entire...
  15. arkansaspiper

    Thinking about my grandpa

    Well it's summer hard time for me me and my grandpa used to just spend all summer tearing lawnmowers apart rebuild em fixing em we do all sorts of go fishing man he taught me how to fish and how to run a boat all sorts of stuff and this time of year when I really miss that man he yelled at me so...
  16. arkansaspiper

    Arkansas state of emergency

    We are floating yay river is at historic highs and evac is in process hooray
  17. arkansaspiper

    I could not login

    For about 4 hours today I couldn't log in at all it took me to a weird website
  18. arkansaspiper

    Blood Sweat tears and a hardwood floor

    Has anybody ever really taken the time to think about your hardwood floor maybe it's Red Oak White Oak maple now I know this is kind of a simple question and it's not 1 many people probably think of except for the fact that it's expensive well I have decided to take it upon myself to Mill every...
  19. arkansaspiper

    A bit behind

    I'm a little bit behind on my tobacco plants I got finally to transplant in them and I got a hundred of them transplanted so far Lord I hope they make it this year last year was difficult I lost quite a few in the process and I hope this year's better most of mine is Virginia plan on Aging it...
  20. arkansaspiper

    Laundry without a machine

    So I was sitting on the side of the mountain in my cabin for like a week and I realized holy crap I have no clothes so I tried to figure out how I could get laundry done and I found a neat little mini washing machine with a spin dryer 10 lb load at the end of the day just throw my clothes in it...