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  1. vaperfavour

    What are you going to buy this year?

    I would like to hear what you guys intend to commission or buy this year pipe wise. Is there a pipe you have always wanted and this is the year you finally get it, or are you going to commission something nice for yourself?
  2. vaperfavour

    In the past two years I have seen.....

    Late spring of last year i saw a Sasquatch a mile from Gobblers Knob rest area in Oklahoma. I really did it was ten feet away from me, it was very big, say 9 or 10 feet tall, orange red hair all over it and it smelled like three week old baby diapers. When my jaw dropped at the sight of this...
  3. vaperfavour

    PCCA qUEST FROM 1993, A QUICK review.

    Delicious stuff! A Turkish blend, a little Cyprian Latakia and very good Turkish. I get at first light sweet orange virginia with a hint of smokiness. Then the fun begins! All sorts of interestings tastes, caramel, nougat, dried apricots and loads of sugar! At the half way mark a taste like aged...
  4. vaperfavour

    Get me up to speed!

    So, get me up to speed. Whos still here? What happened to kilted1 and Pipetongue? Is Doc Perry still done with pipe smoking??
  5. vaperfavour

    Chris Askwith's Weathered bone finish.

    I have two of Chris Askwith's weathered bone finish, two blowfish, and a cutty on its way. I thought people might want to see them. The long shank version is coloring like a meerschaum. I HI GHLY recommend thi s finish for a pipe.
  6. vaperfavour

    I'm back!

    Hey guys, I am back! It has been a couple years. i forgot my password and finally figured out to get a new one!! :D
  7. vaperfavour

    How does one post reviews on

    I did the join now option but no one ever got back to me. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. vaperfavour

    The Eltangs in my briefcase

    sunlight, eltangs and tobacco.
  9. vaperfavour

    wondering about The Dark Lord

    im wondering what Greg Pease, The Dark Lord, is going to do about his next blend? i mean with the major home run of Union Square, how can he possibly follow up this instant classic blend? i mean i have heard rumblings of whats may be coming, but i dont want to be that guy starting...
  10. vaperfavour

    The joy of stumbling upon a great pipe/tobacco combo

    wow. i cracked a tin of Union Square i bought at the pipeshow ( chicago) loaded up a Tom Eltang short, possibly nosewarmer, oval shanked billiard and found a delightful combination! At first i thought the tobacco had already changed in the four months its been in the tin , which would shock me...
  11. vaperfavour


    I have never had this and would like to buy some. any one know where I can buy some?
  12. vaperfavour

    15 year old Germain's Brown flake

    WOW! I put this tobacco in a 2oz. mason jar 15 years ago today! popped the lid off and was assaulted with the intense smell of graham crackers. loaded up my Tom Eltang nose-warmer billiard with oval shanked and silver band. over the years the flakes have dried out but not too crispy. WOW...
  13. vaperfavour

    Tavern Tobacco Rusty hinge flake

    This tin is about 5 years old, black intact flakes with an aroma of chocolate and plums with a slight lakeland perfume. there are crystals on the flakes that reflect the light. I must say this is one of the most interesting tobaccos I've had in a long time. it tastes like those little Entenmanns...
  14. vaperfavour

    Mergings and meldings

    So I popped a tin of PCCA Tudor Castle dated 08 and I am amazed how different it is from the last tin I opened which was about 8 months ago. Gone are the constituent tobaccos fighting for the front taste. they are melding into a heavenly taste of oriental exoticism. A taste of balance. A great...
  15. vaperfavour

    Curved Bamboo

    I was lusting after an Eltang elephants foot with a curved 10 knuckle bamboo shank on Tom Lookers site It sold. im wondering if anyone knows how rare curved bamboo is? maybe one of the pipemakers who frequent this forum will know?
  16. vaperfavour

    The Oldest

    ok, what's the oldest tobacco you have ever smoked? what was it? what did you smoke it out of? And most interestingly, what did it taste like?
  17. vaperfavour

    The subtleties of Red Virginia

    I love red virginia's! I am currently smoking some 99 christmas cheer and getting in the zone each bowl. I taste subtlies in my red virginia's ranging from cherries to bananas. this 99 cc has a subtle taste of strawberry and loads of sugar! delicious. I remember Mccranies red flake from the 96...
  18. vaperfavour

    Waning enthusiasm

    I seem to be going thru a period of waning enthusiasm for this, my favorite hobby. I've experienced the ups and downs before, but this one seems unusual. I am still smoking 2 or three bowls a day, but my pipes don't seem as sweet, the smoke doesn't seem to satisfy as much. is this the pipe...
  19. vaperfavour

    Why no American made coin tobacco?

    I know I would be willing to pay extra for an American made coin tobacco. I just think with all the great American blenders out there these days, it's almost a shame there are no coin tobacco's like escudo or three nuns made in the good ol' usa. I think of all the money I've spent seeking out...
  20. vaperfavour

    The 15 year mark

    What is it with The 15 year mark with virginia's? recently I have been cracking tins at the 15 year mark and they have been STUPENDOUSLY good. I know some say 3 years is enough, but not with these! is the ugly truth that virginias need this much time to really achieve their true potential? imho...