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  1. taharris

    Screw the Virus Morta Sale

    What better way to relax than to sit on your porch and smoke a brand new Morta Dublin? Weight: 1.06 oz. / 30.1 g Length: 5.5 in. Height: 2 in. Bowl Di: 7/8 in. Bowl Depth: 1 3/4 in. Stem: Red Cumberland Special Screw the Virus Price: $200 Todd
  2. taharris

    New taharris Apple (Sold)

    Fresh off the bench! Weight:  89.6g / 3.16 oz. Chamber: 7/8” Depth: 1 5/16” Bowl Height: 1 11/16” Length: 6 1/2” Shank Adornment:  Spalted Tamarind Sold Thanks, Todd
  3. taharris

    Just In Time For Christmas!

    Hi all. I've always wanted to present a Christmas pipe collection but, before now, I was always unable to have a number of pipes ready in time. Most of these are hot off the bench and just in time for Christmas! Banded Dublin: Weight:  1.59 oz/45 g Height:  2" Length:  5.75"...
  4. taharris

    Ready for the Columbus show!

    I’m all ready for the Columbus show next weekend. Stop by my table and say howdy. Todd
  5. taharris

    Looking for Royal Yacht

    Yea, I know it is a long shot. If anyone has any Royal Yacht they are willing to trade, please send me a PM. I only have one tin left and no good options for getting more. :cry: Todd
  6. taharris

    Some New Pipes

    Here are a couple of new pipes that I recently finished. The first one is a new take on a Bull Moose. Weight:  109.6 g or 3.86 oz. Length:  5 1/2 in. Height:  2 1/4 in. Bowl Depth:  1 3/4 in. Bowl Di:  7/8 in. Stem:  Ebonite Sold The second one I like to call Fat Boy. Weight:  64.7...
  7. taharris


    I got downsized today. I am too old and got paid too much. Now some young engineer has two jobs to do and I will have more time to make pipes. Corporate America sucks. :( On the up side my turn around time on pipe orders just went down. Todd
  8. taharris

    Todd Harris Bamboo Tomato

    Hey guys.  I just finished up this commission for a good friend and thought I would share. Thanks. Todd
  9. taharris

    Welcome Stan!

    We have a new member!   The silver smith who collaborated with me on my recent pipe is also an enthusiastic pipe smoker and has agreed to leave the 70's and join an internet forum! Welcome "standaman".  Please tell us more about yourself. Todd
  10. taharris

    Billiard With Silver Cap

    I just finished this commission and thought I would share. I found a very talented silversmith that is willing to work on pipes. Thanks, Todd
  11. taharris

    Jumbo Yachtsman

    Just finished this commission piece and I thought I would share. I believe that this is the biggest pipe I have ever made. Length:  7.5 in Height:  3 in Bowl Di:  1 in Bowl Depth:  1 1/8 in Thanks for looking. Todd
  12. taharris

    Dublin With Burl Ring

    All, I just finished this one.  This is my first pipe with a burl ring adornment on the shank. The burl was provided by Blackhorse but, unfortunately, I can't remember what kind of wood it is. Take a look and let me know what you think. Todd
  13. taharris

    Unstable Equilibrium

    Every year the Pipe Makers Form does a pipe trade. This year's theme was a bamboo sitter. Here is my entry.  Please let me know what you think. Todd
  14. taharris

    Florida Vacation

    I will be vacationing with my family at the Northeast point of Florida in late July. Can anyone give me advice on fishing, metal detecting or fossilized shark tooth hunting? I'll need something to do when I'm not smoking my pipe. Todd
  15. taharris

    Please help.

    I found this lighter at a swap meet and purchased it for next to nothing because it would not light. I love the Copper cladding and figured I could send it in to be repaired. The problem is, I have been over every inch of this lighter inside and out, and I can't find any kind of maker's mark...
  16. taharris

    Germain Rich Dark Flake

    I got home yesterday to find a tattered envelope with no return address. Inside was a very generous sample of Germain Rich Dark Flake and a card wishing me a merry Christmas. Since I don't know which of you miscreants to thank (or even which forum to thank you on) I decided to post a general...
  17. taharris

    Where to hang out and smoke in Chicago?

    I'm in Chicago for a few days, staying near O'Hare and was wondering where is thex best place to hang out in the evening and enjoy a bowl? Todd
  18. taharris

    A Shout Out for Cartaphilus

    Cartaphilus sent me a generous sample of two fantastic blends a couple of weeks ago and I have been too slow in thanking him by doing a review. The first gift was a full pound of a fantastic blend called "Special". I must admit that I was quite taken aback by the quantity of this fine blend...
  19. taharris

    Some Recent Morta Pipes

    Morta pipes have received a lot of attention recently, and for good reason. It is a fantastic experience to hold something in your hand that you know was alive 4 to 6 thousand years ago!  Also, Morta is lighter than Briar and tends to smoke dry.  It is a wonderful material for pipe making. For...
  20. taharris

    Review of GH Black Cherry Twist from Cartaphilus

    Let me just start out by saying that this tobacco is not for the faint of heart. If you're looking for a namby pamby aromatic that tastes like some fancy desert then just keep on going. This tobacco is for people who routinely brew their coffee with the addition of three rusty nails because...