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    Boswell Christmas Cookie

    I'm not much of a reviewer, but I wanted to chime in here to write a short snippet about this great aromatic blend. As many of you know, I'm big on the oriental/latakia blends, but I've always been on the search for an aro that I could smoke in the house that a) didn't boil my tongue b)...

    House Pipes?

    I'm still on the search for a large-ish pipe for my end of the day smoke... the kind you can enjoy during a movie, etc. I had been recommended to look for a Peterson "house pipe" but I haven't had any luck finding one. I'm not stuck on a particular brand of pipe though, mainly the shape. The...

    Variation of an Old Fashioned

    We've been enjoying this as the weather gets warmer and thought I'd post it here. Place an orange slice and maraschino cherry in the bottom of glass along with spoonful of juice from the cherry jar and a splash of sugar (I leave the sugar out of mine most of the time). Mash it together with a...

    Franchise Question

    Over the years I've looked at several restaurant franchises and I'm always amazed at the requirements they want. Seems the standard is the franchise upstart (usually around 50K), you buy the real estate, and they want you to have 1 million liquidity and 1 million net worth. I've personally...

    My Aromatic Truck Air Freshener

    My wife knitted this for me the other day and thought I'd post it here. We love the way an aromatic smells, so we came up with this to stick in my truck (because it smells a little bit like dead deer). Anyway, she knitted it out of camo yarn. You take a goopy aromatic that doesn't dry out...

    Pipe Tobacco Stinks?

    So I'm bored at work and reading this article the other day... And this is the part that really made my jaw drop... Even Dimmitt switched from a pipe to cigarettes when he was working with youngsters so he wouldn't reek so much...

    Shiner Bock

    Does anyone else drink this? It's brewed in Shiner, TX which is about 8 hours away from here (but still in Texas - yes it's that big, and yes that's what she said). It's probably my favorite, or at least one of my favorite beers. When I first started drinking it back in 1996 it was kinda hard...

    Where Do You Get Aged Tins?

    On Ebay? If so, how are you finding them? I can't seem to find much.

    I Need a Bigger Pipe

    That's what she said! Haha okay had to get that out of the way. But no seriously, I have a ginormous Savinelli that I inherited from my grandpa but I need another larger pipe for loading up and sitting through an entire movie. I was looking at the Stanwell 62 Legend, but if anyone has any...

    Help Deciphering Tobacco Tastes

    As I'm trying new blends, I'm having trouble distinguishing the different tobaccos. I read reviews that talk about the qualities of certain tobaccos such as VA, orientals, etc. I can't really pick up on these differences yet. I can tell that there are some very, very, very slight differences...

    Tin Size

    I've got a few tins of random blends in my very small cellar, but I've found my first blend that I really want to stash away. My question is this - is it better to buy several 2 oz. tins or larger 8 oz. tins? It seems more economical to go the route of 8 oz, but if you go the 2 oz route then...

    McClelland and Ketchup?

    Why do I always seem to find ketchup mentioned anywhere the McClelland name pops up? Anyone care to fill me in? :scratch:

    Pipeworks & Wilke

    Anyone ordered from Carole? There is no tobacconist within about 300 miles of here so I'd really like to find someone I can develop the tobacconist/smoker relationship with. I've read some stuff about her shop and it sounds like she remembers her customers and helps even custom blend things to...

    How Long Before Jarring?

    How long can tobacco be in a ziploc before you need to start looking at jarring it? I think someone said it was about 10 days before a tin starts to lose it, but wasn't sure if ziplocs were okay for an extended amount of time. At only one or two bowls a day, I'm worried I'll start losing some...

    Slightly Aromatic or Aromatic Burley?

    Out of all the tins and types I bought to take the world tour of tobaccos - the one I've really fallen in love with is C&D's Haunted Bookshop. There's one slight problem - it leaves a cigarette type smell behind which the wife picks up on immediately if I'm in the house with it. So I have a...

    Matching Pipes to Certain Tobaccos?

    So I've been shopping for my next pipe - leaning toward a Stanwell 240 or 242 because I want something small. As I've been shopping I've been seeing things like "this pipe would be perfect for X type of tobacco". Like I saw one 242 that said "this would be a great pipe for coin tobacco"...

    Cork Knocker?

    I found a pretty cool vintage ashtray online, but the cork knocker in the middle was beat to heck. Can you replace those? I found some online that looks like you can glue on to new ashtrays or maybe replace old ones? Not sure.

    Don't Forget to Have an Adventure Now and Then

    This has nothing to do with pipes, but wanted to share something I observed yesterday. I work in advertising and one of my accounts is a small car dealership ran and owned by an 82 year old man. This place is always full of his coffee drinking buddies. Constantly. Over the past ten years of...

    Haunted Bookshop Review

    Being a noob I feel competely unqualified to give my opinion on a tobacco, but since I was asked in another thread... This was one of the best if not THE best smoke I've had since picking up a pipe (which hasn't been long mind you). I tried the Haddo's Delight last night and didn't find the...

    So if it won't stay lit...

    That means that it's packed too tight and/or needs to be dried out. Is this correct? I have to constantly relight with all different tobacco/pipe combos so I assume that it's my packing technique. Just trying to get my troubleshooting down.