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  1. Lainatan

    Transportation case

    I wanted to put some old gear to new/good use. I’ve got an old butt pack from my old military gear that I’ve ribbon threaded an old neoprene wader material I had into it. It allows me to carry 2-3 pipes and two mason/ball jars of tobacco. Very crude but also extremely cheap!
  2. Lainatan

    Brigham POTY 2021

    That’s a really neat set up. Congrats
  3. Lainatan

    Hello to all.

  4. Lainatan

    What Are You Reading?

    Thought I would reply to this, more for my own view since late fall. Currently w/the children: The Magicians Nephew (Book 1 of the Chronicles of Narnia) by C.S. Lewis Currently my own reading: St. Thomas Aquinas by G.K. Chesterton Recently Finished w/the children: The Inheritance Cycle by...
  5. Lainatan

    Another hobby block complete

    Thank you, I've got a few more ideas for some fun ones. At to be clear, as you can see, I'm not drilling the holes, these are hobby blocks. Speaking of, does anyone have an idea what is going on with the hobby blocks or other materials? They've been out of stock for a while...
  6. Lainatan

    Another hobby block complete

    So I’ve really enjoyed carving my own pipes, not to sell really, just for fun. Got this one with an interesting plateau on it and wanted to incorporate that into the pipe. Whatcha think?
  7. Lainatan


    Welcome Capt, I’ve found this to be a most enjoyable site with some excellent folks and I’ve learned quite a bit having been pretty green in the ways of piping myself.
  8. Lainatan

    Brigham POTY 2020

    Nice looking pipe.....might have just gotten inspiration for another hobby pipe!
  9. Lainatan

    New (and addicting) Hobby

    Yeah know come to think of it I haven’t tried I’ll have to do that when I use it next. Thank you
  10. Lainatan

    New (and addicting) Hobby

    Forgot to add, it isn’t a true “Poker” as I apparently removed just enough material that when the stem is inserted it tips to that side and falls over. I want to do another one, but I’ll be sure to keep enough material or shape the bottom differently so it actually stands up like a Poker should
  11. Lainatan

    New (and addicting) Hobby

    So thanks to all of you, (and no that’s not sarcasm) I’ve decided to start carving my own pipes. I received a hobby block from P&C and got to work figuring out what I wanted to make. After tinkering, buying new tools (always a bonus of any project), and diving in, I’m really liking this new...
  12. Lainatan

    Old Mora knife find

    That's a beautiful old knife. My brother bought me a Mora for my birthday a few years back and I love the thing. Definitely made to last.
  13. Lainatan

    The Spectacular Scintillating September Salvo

    So, I’m new to the site and don’t know what’s happening here.  As a former defender of all things aircraft (USAF Security Forces ‘01-‘14), I’m curious as to the sorties you’re flying........can I get a BDA or were you “No Joy”. I stand ready to defend
  14. Lainatan

    “Dad Jokes”

    Why does a chicken coup only have two doors... .....if it had four doors it would be a sedan
  15. Lainatan

    What Are You Smoking Pages.

    Trying some Peter Stokkebeye Luxury Bullseye in my Crown 733 while I try to develop a good breath technique
  16. Lainatan

    Brigadier Black tobacco from p& -- anyone tried?

    I got some from P&C in a package deal w/pipe and tamper. It was Brigadier Black Antietam. I tried it out in my corncob and found it to be alright. Then again, I'm new to this so take that for what its worth...
  17. Lainatan

    Crude pipe rack

    While I may stick with the stain idea, the Green and Gold (read "yellow") might be appropriate but instead of an "O", I'd use the "G" Go Pack Go!
  18. Lainatan

    Crude pipe rack

    Thanks. I’m trying to figure out what kind of stain I want to use on it. I think it would look good with a dark stain, but I’m not sure.
  19. Lainatan

    Crude pipe rack

    I got some inspiration from Corncobcon and decided to make my own pipe rack. I have only 2 pipes but figured I would make one with room to grow. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  20. Lainatan

    It’s finally here

    So it was a great game! I love the hard nosed defensive battles like last night. Fitting the 100th season opener features the oldest rivalry from two of the most storied teams......and it ends up being defenses dominating the low scoring game Needless to say, da Bears will be a tough team to...