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  1. riff raff

    FS: GBD's

    All Pipes have been cleaned, and by my standard, ready to smoke. Paypal only, net to seller. Shipped via USPS 1st Class, other options available at buyers request Tracking provided. GBD 9456 New Era $59 Shipped Pre-Cadogan era pipe with brass rondell I love these New Era grade pipes, the briar...
  2. riff raff


    Pipe has been cleaned, and by my standard, ready to smoke Paypal only, net to me Shipped via USPS 1st Class, with tracking provided (other shipping options available at buyers discretion/cost) GBD New Standard 206 Bulldog SOLD Wonderful, smaller bulldog. Excellent stem and button...
  3. riff raff


    Comoy's Sandblast Canadian Shape 296 SOLD Cleaned, and by my standard, ready to smoke Briar is in great shape, bowl, nomenclature Drilled C era pipe Stem has a few dents underneath, but solid (hence the lower price). Stem fitment is excellent Pipe is a sitter. Weight:  35 grams...
  4. riff raff

    JW Broad Street (Sasieni) Restoration

    I just finished this beautiful little Prince, sold by the JW Wanamaker Department stores. It was made by Sasieni, and is the Shape 38 "Bowler". Full details are on the Reborn Pipes blog site: Before: After:
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    Pipe has been cleaned, and by my standards, ready to smoke. Paypal only, net to seller Price includes USPS 1st Class shipping, additional options available at the buyers discretion Click thumbnails for full size pictures James Upshall  P Grade Bent Ball SOLD 4/17/19 This one is BIG, at 87...
  7. riff raff


    Purging some of my collection All pipes have been cleaned, and by my standard, ready to smoke. Paypal only, net to me. Price includes shipping via USPS 1st Class (unless noted).  Additional options/insurance available at buyers cost These are available at other outlets Ashton Sovereign XX...
  8. riff raff

    Boswell's Meet Up - Dec. 8th (PA)

    Folks: A number of forum/facebook groups are planning a meet up at Boswells in PA, on December 8th. 9:30 AM till ?? (shop is open till 5 PM) If you are in the area, stop by. I'll be heading up from Maryland. We know this is also the date of the Kaywoodie event in NY, but we couldn't come up...
  9. riff raff


    I had this one on Ebay for a while with no takers, which surprised me.  It's tapered stem cousin, the 284 is a highly coveted shape and even the 2nds line versions bring big bucks.  I've only seen two of this 286 model and till I found this one, I didn't know it existed (it is not in any Comoy's...
  10. riff raff


    $64 Delivered to the CONUS (net to me) Shipped via USPS 1st Class Pipe has been cleaned and by my standard, ready to smoke. Bowl interior and stem are in very good condition. Briar has a great patina Nomenclature is very worn, but the 3 PC C stem logo identifies it as a pre-Cadogan pipe...
  11. riff raff

    Two Comoys Restorations

    A couple of pickup's and restorations, full details at the Reborn Pipes blog site link. Comoy's Liverpool Comoys Golden Grain Bulldog
  12. riff raff

    Sasieni Mayfair 688 (Ashford)

    Another Sasieni 2nd line Ashford shape, I can't resist them.  This one a 688SN.  The tenon is threaded for a stinger, so I suspect it is from early in the Family Era? Full details here.  The bowl was in terrific shape and stem nearly mint - it had one tiny hairline crack on top of the button...
  13. riff raff

    1950 GBD 9242

    I forgot to share this recent find and restoration, a hallmarked 1950 GBD 9242. I lucked into this GBD, which was advertised with one picture, and listed as "Vintage Smoking Pipe". The picture didn't show any logos or the hallmark,but I had a hunch it was a GBD 9242. The seller sent me some...
  14. riff raff


    All sold 9/15/18 Paypal only, prices are net to me. Prices include shipping via USPS 1st Class, additional shipping options available at the buyers discretion All pipes have been cleaned, and by my standard ready to smoke. GBD 9456 New Standard $55 Brass rondell, "London, England"...
  15. riff raff

    FS: Comoy's Mini-Oom Paul SOLD

    Paypal only, net please. Shipped via USPS 1st class, additional shipping options at the buyers discretion Pipe has been cleaned, and by my standards, ready to smoke Comoy's Shape 17 - Mini-Oom Paul ("Kruger S" on their shape chart $59 delivered 3 piece C and COM from pre-Cadogan era Guildhall...
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  17. riff raff

    Penthouse (GBD) 9438 Restoration

    I can't resist a 9438, and this is the first time I've seen this shape on a Penthouse pipe. Full details are on the Reborn Pipes blog: Before Finished
  18. riff raff

    Sasieni Danzey for Dave

    This one belongs to forum member Dave, he stole it on Ebay a few weeks ago! Full restoration details are at the Reborn Pipes site: A fairly simple restoration but the aluminum stinger tube gave me a little trouble (I...
  19. riff raff

    1937 GBD Rhodesian (9239/9242?)

    This shape is a bit of a GBD mystery. In the past six years, I’ve seen three of these come up on Ebay (one was unsmoked!). All of them have the R9239 designation, with a London hallmarked band that dates to 1937 (B date code). I have two other hallmarked 1930’s era GBD’s and each has the R code...
  20. riff raff

    Berkley Club Bulldog (Sasieni 2nd)

    This one belongs to friend from another forum. He contacted me after spotting the pipe on Ebay and wondered if it was made by Sasieni. It was and I advised him that it looked like good buy. I volunteered to restore should he be successful in the purchase. The pipe was indeed in great shape...